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I didn’t realize that you already pounceded on NZIXIES! ;). Anyways glad you are ok Mew. I was abit worried about you for a while during the event. Cos I didn’t see you around! Takecare!
Thank you, dear! Sadly IRL Crap is the BANE of even the most Devout of us! Mew tried being on as much as possible during Summer event....Lots of badges and pounceded LOTS of nooblets, giving away Lots of homes to beautiful MAGS~! <3!


Good Job! I noticed I had some space in AlphaForce so thought I’d help! But usually I find them on my own, helping them level and with weapons and stuff. We have made a new ally system in my team aswell so that more players can have access to eachother regardless of what team they belong to. It’s a cosy and effective system! Means that we never run out of players to play with! Of course they have to have the right attitude and friendliness to get a invite :).