Looking for 3d models for printing

Ten Zero

Greetings Hunters! I'm om the hunt for an STL for Kireek as I mained Hucast back in the Dreamcast days. I want to impress my buddies with a PSO themed team for Stargrave. Any help would be be greatly appreciated.
I don't have any but that would be awesome! I hope you can find what you're looking for. I'd like to see some 3D models of different mags to print. So far the only STL's I've seen available from PSO are for section ID badges.


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I'm not familiar with the process of printing 3D Models but this is an STL of Kireek. I can assmble the body if required as the zip contains head, and body due to the way the game handles customisation.


  • KIREEK.7z
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