Let the FUN BEGIN!


Jus starting out on this server this week and my thoughts...

Let the FUN BEGIN! having a blast here! Every player Ive met has been great n very enjoyable to run with! Deff 2 thumbs up for the work on this server, GJ sirs. Everyone has been very helpful! *big thanks to Jessica for all those runs to help get a lil cast going! Ive even seen a GNOME tho it was quite bigger than expected >.< . also that gnome bailed early on a run so I think Im owed another run ;) .

ps. Soda might be trying to buy my heart with redboxes but this isnt confirmed yet! *first ep4 run nets a P/C.. first HARD difficulty game nets me some Rare pewpews :)* Oh how Ive missed vanilla pso! Normal XP n Drop rates make every red box such a pleasure to snag! seeing my first rare enemy created excitement jus like all those years ago when I first started this game sitting in a room full of my best buds pullin couches together n slamming soda LOL .

Sever is totally worth telling your friends about :) . ingame name is NYT Raven! Im always down for a run/dont be shy



Secret Agent
Hey! Dude I miss those days of old, when my couch had a purpose. PSO was just too much fun with other people haha. I'm glad to hear you're enjoying your time here man. We should definitely run a game sometime soon.

Most days I'm in a room called MagFeed@Work but when I'm not working, we can definitely run something for sure!