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I wanted to play pso for so long last time i played i was on a dreamvast amd lost my character to a hacker ! Im just hoping i can enjoy the game on this aerver without hackers and ive never played anything but episode 1 so im new pretty much ! Looking foward to start!
Eeeee! Another DreamCaster! <3 Yes, DC Online were indeed the Dark Days of PSO, VMU Corruption codes were rampantly used by asshats who just couldn't play well with others... GOOD news is...Here the community as a whole Head Hunts any acts of hacking and we continue to thrive happily without it. Mew looks forward to pouncing and playing wiff you to get your pso mojo back! Glad you're here and......Welcome Home!


Welcome!! I had never really played anything but episode 1 when I first came here either, but you learn quickly. :)

We should be pretty safe from hackers here with the server backups and protections Soda has in place. I wouldn't worry. :)


Hi, new here as well buddy (introduced myself in another thread yesterday) and share your pain. To this day I can't look at the npc nol without cringing.