Joy2key and PSOBB - Halp pls :<


Attempting to run Joy2Key and having it press keys 1-9 for me has proven to be very difficult. Would appreciate tips on how to make it not so difficult. Thus far, I've successful got it to run on everything else I'm doing; PSOBB in particular seems to reject it completely. Searching around on different forums seems to imply that it works, but I can't seem to find out how.

OS: Win 8
Pad: Mayflash GC adapter
From what I remember when messing with Joy2Key for a little bit and PSO was that I had to have ran Joy2Key as an administrator, same for PSO.
Attempted this and other various permissions / compatibility settings. Unsure what else I can attempt as far as that goes :<
EDIT#2: FINALLY FIXED IT! Apparently the correct answer is to run PSO in XP mode while Joy2key is in admin + win10 mode. Every other combination seemed to not work for me. Leaving this here in case anyone else encounters this issue
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didnt work for me, it just automatically uses the generic xbox layout, no matter what settings i use. any other ideas?