Jingle sound vanished.


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Well. Basically I have started adjusting my SE and BGM via the cunter and have even turned them both 'off' over the night period. Whilst there was no sound at all, little things did appear and make noice, weirdly such as rappy feet scuttering. I have them turned back to full now and have had them at alsorts of volume but i have now realized that the 'rare drop jingle' no longer jingles. Been told someone else had this issue also.

p.s. I recently installed a soundpack (Marvel Vs Capcom) and ogg pack (some old FF). Unsure if that might effect it, if so I can test with it back to normal. If anyone has a backup of normal soundpack etc?


Without rain, nothing grows.
Note: it's working again. Seems to go on and off as I use th volume on counter.


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Two things here.

1. I forgot to scale the jingle sound by the sound effect volume setting. It's either on or it's off. If you set to 0%, it's not going to play at all.

2. I missed some multiplication values for sound effect levels on some sound effects.

I'll be looking into resolving both as soon as I can.