It's Rappy huntin' time.

Hey there, usually suck hard at intros so I'll keep this short and sweet.

Been playing PSO since the the Dreamcast days and it's always been the game I end up
going back to as it's truly one of a kind!

Originally a Schtserv player but after finding out that everything was lost I decided to look into finding a new server that I could call home and after enough scouting and reading around I stumbled across Ephinea!

Seeing that it sticks as true to the original as possible with a few unique touches I'm looking forward to joining this community and having some fun!

Looking forward to playing with you guys and being able to build my self up from scratch on this server that I'm already finding absolutely amazing (The HI-Res UI and PSO2 drops sold it to me to be honest)!

Hit me up in-game I'm always wanting to socialise and continue gaining that EXP!



Welcome! Nice to see another new face here. I took about a 12 year break from PSO but I just came back this week! See you on Ragol.