Item names are all incorrect.


Residential pessimist
I've logged into PSO yesterday after about 2 weeks of absence.

ALL of my inventory name are screwed up. For example. all untekked weapons show up as talis'.
An untekked weapon of any kind shows up as hyper frame xxxx.

Staff's are stag cultery. Most blue drops show up as God/Arms. Rappy eggs are Sabers. Disk of liberator is a Bravace. DB sabers are Last survivors. Flowens sword show up as Bloody ART's.Ray gun is a Vulcan. It was hilarious for the first few minutes. but i couldn't play for to long. cause i had no idea what i could sell and couldn't.

I just tried logging in now to get more screenshots. But now it just hang's when i try to log in.


Residential pessimist
Well, i downloaded the file. but, i continue being unable to log in. It just hangs after the "welcome to ephinea" screen never reaching character select.

Yesterday when i booted the game it did update the client. Now it's borked O_O


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Oh! Do you have something that says "DLL ERROR" at your title screen? It'd be at the lower left where the Ephinea version usually is.

If so, the game can't load Ephinea.dll out of the game's folder. Either because it doesn't exist or it's being blocked from doing so. Usually, Antivirus programs are the cause of this. You will need to whitelist the game's folder in your Antivirus program then run online.exe again for it to download the DLL again.


Residential pessimist
Yessir I do.

Cheers! It was indeed that anti-virus. sneaky fuck was out of silent/game mode.