Issues with running PSOBB


Hi everyone,

I'm very excited to be able to join this community and get back into PSO again; a game that I last played years and years ago, but one that I had previously clocked up thousands of hours on.

My main question is regarding actually getting online with the game.
I've managed to register and download PSOBB fine from the Ephinea website (I had to disable my Norton Antivirus temporarily in order to be allowed to download it).

I'm now at the stage where when I load up PSOBB it takes me to the game's title screen, but in the bottom left corner of the screen says something along the line of: 'DLL failed to download, (or words to that effect).

My Norton Antivirus then appears, showing in red stating that it's stopped a Trojan/Virus from being downloaded.
Then when I enter my username details to log into the server, it doesn't load any further from that point.

What I'm wondering, is the alert from my antivirus (stating that it's detected a Trojan/Virus that's recognised as being very high risk), is that just a false positive? Is it detecting the server updated / DLL as something nasty? Or should I be worried.

It just made me feel quite uneasy that I might be exposing my computer to something harmful.
Has this every happened to anyone else?

Really want to get back online with this game after so many years, any support or help will be most appreciated.



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This is just the heuristic of your antivirus kicking in because ... lets say ... the ephinea dll uses the same methods / patterns a virus would use to manipulate an existing program. It needs to be done that way, because it's still a Sega game and nobody has the original source code to add new features to the game. This does NOT mean, that it actually IS a virus / trojan.