Is there a way to unstack special items in the game?


One of the things that drew me to the Ephinea server is the ability to download a copy of my character, so I can run it on my personal newserv server at home for offline play. However, I noticed that since Ephinea stacks special items, like Grinders, which the original game didn't do, loading my Ephinea character in a local newserv instance lowers the stacked item count to a single one, since stacking those items is specific to Ephinea. Is there a way to make it so those items don't stack in Ephinea, so I don't lose a whole bunch of them when I load an exported character in newserv?

Thanks for any assistance!

Just gotta deal with it as expanding the stack would take up quite a bit more inventory.

If you don't have the space to fully expand the stack, then you'd lose items anyway. If there's multiple items to unstack, that's even worse.

Just load up your character onto your server and recreate your items unstacked, OR modify newserv to allow stacking with those item types. (It's probably a very trivial thing to do. And, no, don't ask us how, ask the creator of the software if you don't know.)

Good luck.
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I appreciate the response, thank you! It's not a huge deal, I was just curious about whether or not it was a simple toggle, or something.

EDIT: It does look like newserv has an option to increase stack limits specifically for cases like this, so that's awesome!
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