Invisible character, unable to move


Part of an Original Breakfast
I was just in a rather weird game a little while ago in which many weird things happened. I'll try to describe what went down in as much detail as I can.

I joined an open party and the two players in it when I joined left. I played by myself for a little while, and then another player joined me (Uaedaien). We started the 1-1 story quest from the principal and went to Forest 1. Then one of the players who was in the party before rejoined. Forest 1 was going normally for me, but Uaedaien said he couldn't see any monsters, and from my perspective it looked like he was running through closed, locked doors. As soon as I noticed this, I lost my connection and dropped out of the game.

I reconnected and rejoined Uaedaien's game. When I went back to Forest 1, I started where I was when I lost my connection rather than at the blue warp. At this point the camera appeared to be at ground level, I couldn't see my character (though I could see the shadow) and I couldn't move. All I could do was turn around in place and attack. I screenshotted this here:

At this point we just quit the game and started a new party and everything was completely back to normal. I have no idea what could have caused this issue other than random connection loss shenanigans. I didn't lose any items, so I guess it's not a super high priority.