Input crash


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It's a really rare problem I have and I can't replicate it so far. The game keeps running but locks my input, so the last input stays active. Like I open up my quick select, press down and walk at the same time, then input gets locked with opened menu, cursor repeatetly going down in menu and me walking endlessly. Game not freezing, just the input.

Anybody else having this issue from time to time? I'm using a 360 controller and joy2key.


It's just a thing that happens and I don't think any of the servers have been able to pin down why it happens. I've had this happen a lot to me over the years, and it's really infuriating. Your keyboard/controller and the client itself just stop responding to any sort of input whatsoever and it has to be manually crashed through task manager. If this happens fullscreen even in borderless, goodluck you're rebooting.


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in borderless fullscreen you can tab out if this happens... had it happen like once since the borderless update and tabbing out works fine. the client is the only thing that ignores input when this happens, the system still takes them


Then its not a true input crash, like i said all manner of input ceases whether its controller or keyboard. You cant tab, you cant ctrl+alt+delete, nothing.


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Are you on W10? This hasn't happened to me on any of my W10 machines but it did happen with my XP/W7 installs + 360 controller occasionally until I decided to clean everything and format for PSO and some old school games. Hasn't happened since then.

My only issue on W10 is that I can force an input crash that's not game related if I unplug my Elite controller while I have MSI Afterburner open. Fortunately next W10 build already addresses this issue.