im here to have some fun and make some friends and eat ice cream

and im all out of ice cream. if ya need to find me just play the game eventually youll find me. and for those who might know me i was also at one point yasimi and pinoko. and hiya everyone oh and one more thing more towards the mods if anything is the avatar too much im not sure if theres any rules about avatar size limits or if it's against the rules with gifs.


Welcome to Ephinea! Glad to have you here!

I look forward to seeing you in-game!

Good luck and happy hunting!


Welcome to Ephinea!

If you meet the following requirements with your desired avatar, then it's no problem:

Maximum dimensions; width: 180 pixels, height: 180 pixels, file size: 146.00 KiB.

GIF's are okay.
just finished checking my info on the avatar
pic 93x176
bit depth 32
size 23.8 kb

im hoping it's upon the standards of this forum :)

if not i have another avatar but it''s a gif but smaller
no probs on swapping it out