I'm getting constant crashes, disappearing player, no animations?

This is weird, never seen this before.

So, I'm trying to play with my Team, I find them, choose the Meet option or whatever, and pop into his party. One of our other team members is there, but he isn't showing up for me. No chat, no nothing. My other team member says he's there. So I leave, and re-enter the party. Then I crash.

Then I try again. Log in, Fodra, enter his party from the desk, and crash again. Once more, crash again.

Finally, I see they both left and are making another in the lobby. I join, and I'm in! One problem though. The other team member (the one who wasn't showing up in my game) was there, but now he has no animations. He was just a standing, but still able to move and interact and such. He looked fine for the other guy, but not me. So, we try a quest. We start, I Rafoie and BAM. Crash again!

Why is this happening? It almost feels like it was involving the guy I was playing with somehow. Here's two screenshots showing him without any animations.


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Seems like bad desync.. I have had that happen before (not seeing players or their chat.. or they moving without animations)
That is some gnarly desync, damn. Well, at least after I posted this, I gave it another go. It works fine now, I guess. Hopefully I won't keep crashing...