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    Or the % chances of activating Hell or a level 30 megid topic:

    Hell has 93 dark power, so if a foe has 50 dark resist you have a 43% chance to activate hell on them normally IF you hit with the attack. So you have to factor in evp before you use hell as well.

    If a foe has more than 93 dark resist you plain simply can't use hell on it even if it activates. If you have a reduced weapon that % is cut to 21% or 14%. With v502 you have a 86% chance to activate the special or 42%/28% if the weapon is reduced. v501 is 64% (32/21% with v501) just to let you know.
    As you can see you really don't want to use reduced weapons to try and activate specials in general. Cause you still have to hit the foe with the special in general which unless you are a RA is usually gonna take some planning. So plain spears, swords, slicers, shots, and mechs...don't use their hell (or arrest, confuse, freeze, exp steal) special.

    Most weapons with 10stars or more usually aren't reduced with a couple of exceptions like Asteron Belt and Zero Divide for whatever reason. This is why S-rank weapons are good as well, they aren't using reduced specials when you cough up the PDs to make em. Don't let the low ata most have fool you (for starters cause cards, slicers have glitch hits, and cards have their face nuke). Even a hell Scythe is a ok thing to shoot for for any class (frozen lizards...for the most part...eat S3 even as a Fomar as long as he has rr as well for example).

    The next level is Dark which has 78 dark power. So any foe with 78 dark resist or above will not have dark work on them. I bring up Dark because unreduced Dark is in some rare situations able to activate more than reduced hell. Still in general its better to go with a handgun with hell over something like snake spire even if you can take more foes at a time with snake spire. In the long run even a reduced hell weapon is better than an unreduced Dark weapon as well. So Asteron Belt > Snake Spire. Anyway, if Dark isn't worth using than of course Dim and Shadow aren't as well, even in lower difficulty modes tbh.

    Megid unlike Hell just has to touch the foe and then it will roll or not if it worked. So no evp score needs to be worried about when you use it (or when its used on you lol).
    Megid 30 has 100 dark power, 29 has 97, 28 has 94, 27 has 91, 26 has 88. Megid isn't affected by v502 cause that would break the game more than v502 does already to break the game. I mean can you imagine a free 40% chance to take out deldepths with megid without worrying about their 1200 evp? 16% or a bit better than 1/6 for delbiters? A 4% or 1/25 chance for Olga Flow's 2nd form?

    Anyway, due to the fact that you can glitch hit in this game Megid is in general far outpowered by v502 with hell in general even with Fomar til a certain point at least when enemies start to have more than 85 dark resist. Granted even at 80 dark resist I feel Megid can pass v502 on some foes with super high evp (like blue bots in seabed for example).
    Granted if you are gonna use megid in general you'll wanna be a foney, carry a demonic fork or dark bridge, or wear certain armors/shields to enjoy that piercing megid.

    Megid 30 is pretty cool though.

    -50 dark
    T Mothvist (300 evp) (100% accivation rate with v502) (70% with megid)
    G Merillia (538 evp) (96% accivation rate with v502) (55% with megid)

    50 dark (86%) (50% with megid or around 1/2)
    T El Rappy (580 evp)
    S Gulgus (756 evp)
    S Migium (664 evp)
    G Gee (790 evp)
    I Satellite Lizard (762 evp)

    59 dark (68%) (41% with megid)
    G Meriltas (552 evp)
    L Morfos (636 evp)

    60 dark (66%) (39% with megid)
    T Mothvert (440 evp)
    S Gulgus-Gue (854 evp)
    S Delsaber (888 evp)
    L Dolmolm (670 evp)
    L Dolmdarl (681 evp)
    I Sand Rappy (633 evp)
    I Yowie (869 evp)
    M Satellite Lizard (768 evp)

    63 dark (60%) (37% with megid)
    G Ul Gibbon (913 evp)

    64 dark (58%) (36% with megid)
    L Sinow Zele (734 evp)

    65 dark (56%) (35% with megid or around 1/3)
    S Dubchic (549 evp)

    69 dark (48% or around 1/2) (31% with megid or around 1/3)
    T Crimson Assassin (538 evp)
    L Recobox (300 evp)

    70 dark (46%) (30% with megid or around 1/3)
    F bartle (593 evp)
    F barble (608 evp)
    F tollow (630 evp)
    F Mothvert (477 evp)
    M Suvxhix (651 evp)
    S Hidoom (720 evp)
    Epsigard (720 evp)
    M Sand Rappy (681 evp)
    M Yowie (878 evp)

    75 dark (36%) (25% with megid or 1/4)
    F el rappy (637 evp)
    F mothvist (390 evp)
    C Govulmer (680 evp)
    C Melqueek (680 evp)
    T Rare* Love Rappy (720 evp)
    S Pan Arms (720 evp)
    L Recon (580 evp)

    77 dark (32% or around 1/3) (23% with megid)
    T Ob Lily (580 evp)

    79 dark (28%) (21% with megid)
    T Hildelt (510 evp)

    80 dark (26% or around 1/4) (20% with megid 1/5)
    C Vulmer (651 evp)
    C Ob Lily 680 evp)
    M Gillchic (651 evp)
    M Canabin (647/706 evp)
    M Canune (706 evp)
    T Arlan (594 evp)
    T Merlan (630 evp)
    S Gillchic (566 evp)
    G Sinow Berill (888evp)
    G Sinow Spigell (496 evp)
    L Sinow Zoa (978 evp)
    L Deldepth (1200 evp)
    I Boota (653 evp)
    I Ze Boota (693 evp)
    I Rare* Pazuzu (612 evp)
    I Rare* Dorphon Eclair (793 evp)

    85 dark (16% or around 1/6) (15% with megid or around 1/6)
    F gulgus (593 evp)
    C Pofuilly Slime (637 evp)
    R Arlan (712 evp)
    R Claw (680 evp)
    T Rare* Hildetorr (720 evp)
    B Del Lily (782 evp)

    88 dark (10% or 1/10) (12% with megid or around 1/8)
    M Sinow Blue (758 evp)
    M Sinow Red (758 evp)
    R Merlan (735 evp)

    89 dark (8% or around 1/12) (11% with megid)
    T Rare* Mil Lily (720 evp)

    90 dark (6% or around 1/16) (10% with megid or 1/10)
    F *rare pal rappy (419 evp)
    F gulgus-gue (651 evp)
    C Pan Arms (622 evp)
    C Hidoom (680 evp)
    C Migium (651 evp)
    T Del-D (656 evp)
    I Ba Boota (721 evp)
    M Goran (716 evp)
    M Pyro Goran (728 evp)
    M Rare* Pazuzu (715 evp)

    91 dark (4% or 1/25) (9% with megid or 1/11)
    R Del-D (758 evp)

    92 dark (2% or 1/50) (8% with megid or 1/12)
    L Delbiter (860 evp)

    +93 dark
    F Hildelt (2% or 1/50)
    F Rare* Hildetorr
    C Rare* Mil Lily
    C Nano Dragon (7% or 1/14)
    C Crimson Assassin
    C Rare* Pouilly Slime
    M Baranz
    R Bulclaw
    R Delsaber
    R Gran Sorcerer
    R Indi Belra
    R Dark Gunner
    R Dark Bringer
    T Indi Belra (1% or 1/100)
    S Baranz
    S Gran Sorcerer (7% or 1/14)
    G Zol Gibbon (5% or 1/20)
    G Gi Gue
    G Gibbles
    G Mericarol
    G Merikle
    G Mericus
    L Olga Flow 2 (2% or 1/50...though I'm not sure this is actually possible but I'd love to see it if it is)
    L Gael
    Giel (5% or 1/20)
    B Ill Gill
    B Epsilon
    I Rare* Del Rappy (2% or 1/50)
    I Zu (5% or 1/20)
    I Astark (5% or 1/20)
    I Dorphon (2% or 1/50)
    M Rare* Del Rappy (2% or 1/50)
    M Goran Detonator (2% or 1/50)
    M Merissa A (2% or 1/50)
    M Rare* Merissa AA (2% or 1/50)
    M Zu (2% or 1/50)
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    Guildcard 2:
    Ahh, took me a minute to realize the letters before the enemies represent the area, maybe making a note so that is clear to people; especially since you used some letters that were not clear like G for CCA and B for Towers (since I assume the letter M, C + T were already used). Oh and M is used for Mines and Sub Des to my understanding?

    Also what is a ''M Suvxhix (651 evp)''. And Episgard is listed in that category also when I do not think this is hellable.

    Anyways, great info, I enjoyed the read!
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    now i need to know if you can kill olga flow with megid
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    Yeah I'll have to go and clear some of this up

    M 2 times was a mistake, meant to be for meteor site lol. Forgot about mines lol
    G was for Gal Die Val Island or whatever it was.
    B was for tower, boss tower n all that

    Not sure on episgard though as well, but I've seen people take out the shields though

    ★AGGREBEE★ lmao gae bolg

    Pioneer 2
    Guildcard 2:
    All the cool kids Hell Dorphon Eclairs nowadays.
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    well poop in my stocking and call it chtristmas.

    great thread ty

    you sort of get a feel for what works and what doesnt by playing, but seeing it laid out like this really helps

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