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OK! So, we sort of stole another feature from the now departed PSU. If anyone remembers "GUARDIANS Boost Road", we implemented something similar called "Hunters Boost Road".

The idea behind Hunters Boost Road is to rotate a set of quests every month which provide drop rate bonuses the more that you play them.

The catch is, you have to play them all evenly. Meaning, you can't just spam one of the quests for drop rate boosts. You have to complete each quest the same number of times to get boosts.

As you complete the quests, you will accumulate points which will increase the drop anything rate in the featured quests.

The drop rate goes up even further the more people are in your party that also have points as the drop rate is CUMULATIVE in a party. Meaning, if one person has 5% boost and the other has 20%, the drop rate for the party will be increased by 25% inside of the Hunters Boost Road.

Trying to give an incentive to play other quests and also help each other find items...

You can find detailed information about your quest run progress by typing /hbr while on Pioneer 2 or in the Lab.

Points you earn on the Hunters Boost Road are shared across all characters of your account. When completing a quest, you will gain points relative to the difficulty level you played the quest in. 1 point in Normal mode, 2 points in Hard mode, 4 points in Very Hard mode, and 6 points in Ultimate mode.

Rank table is as follows:

0 points = NO RANK
1-11 points = D Rank (0-13% boost)
12-29 points = C Rank (14-20% boost)
30-49 points = B Rank (21-27% boost)
50-71 points = A Rank (28-30% boost)
72-154 = S Rank (31-34% boost)
155+ = SS Rank (35% boost)

Further grinding of the quests past SS rank can increase the rare item drop rate by 6% per player.

The NPCs to talk to regarding Hunters Boost Road are Lilith in Episode 1 and 4. She is located in the Hunter's Guild.

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Hmm, I can't recall as I never wrote down, I'll make note this month when I get them and post here.

264 is max which is all 6% RDR. i can say that for now.


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Updated the info I posted with the new % and ongoing HBR list. Bumping for anyone interested as it's currently event mixed.