How to create a 12/188/0/0 Mag

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    This process can be done on ANY class and ANY SecID. However, Ranger is safest because you can stop dropping at 35 instead of 50 and you can obtain better PB.

    However, keep in mind that this is a VERY arduous task that will require LOADS of patience to properly complete.

    The process is actually extremely simple.

    1. Start with a basic Mag.
    2. Feed 1 Monomate.
    3. Place it in storage.
    4. Withdraw Mag.
    5. Hunters and Forces repeat steps 2 and 3 until the mag reaches level 50. Rangers at Level 35.
    6. At level 50 (35 for Rangers), simply feed monomates until POW reaches 188.

    By storing the mag, the 5 Def and Dex it gains becomes 4 instead. This means your mag will gain less DEX and DEF per feeding, enabling you to keep more of your POW. This is because Mags cannot save odd-numbered progress and round down automatically.

    The reason Rangers may stop at level 35 is because the Mag they'd get then will not gain any DEF or DEX from monomates, however they will still need to feed the mag more often due to gaining less POW. Regardless, Rangers have the safer feeding route due to not needing to go as high with the feed/drop repetition. Hunters and Forces will only get 1 DEF point per monomate feed until 50, so the bank will reduce that 1 point off each time.

    Side Note: After level 10, you can feed the mag with any class, as the first evolution is always based on class rather than stat level.

    PB per class:
    Hunter - Farlla > Golla > Pilla
    Ranger - Estilla > Golla > Pilla/Mylla (based on SecID)
    Force - Leilla > Golla > Pilla

    Enjoy your 12/188/0/0 Mag!

    General tips/notes:

    - Only feed your mag when you have 1 or 10 monomates. Bank it before buying another. This will help act as confirmation that you've fed the mag with or without banking.
    - If you can't remember whether or not you banked the mag before feeding it, bank it anyway. Each mistake is 2 points (minimum) of DEF progress and that can result in 13 DEF.
    - The Mag will have around 64 points of progress in DEF if the process is done perfectly. This means you have a window of 30 points (roughly 15 mistakes) where you can overfeed it defense. This is why Rangers are much better for this even though their progress is much slower post-35.
    - This process can also be used for a 12-0-0-188 mag on ANY class, just replace monomate with monofluid and all classes can stop at level 35.
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  2. Nice with the possible Estlla/Golla/Twins combination! Got at least the two best blasts there with maximum pow.

    I made a 178 pow mag with Estlla/Twins/Pilla wanting specifically that combo, but I'm wondering if Golla can out damage Estlla and Pilla in some situation. My 185 Mind mag mags have Estlla/Golla/Twins.
  3. Nightraven

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    I actually noticed that this method might also work for a 12/0/0/188 Mag, but I would need to look up the growth rates and PB for that too.
  4. Nightraven

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    Added a side note in terms of raising the mag.

    Since the first evolution is always based on class, once the mag hits level 10 any character can continue raising it per the method.
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    Can also do this with mind if you want a 12/0/0/188 mag but start with MF instead of MM and banking each feed.
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    I was under the impression 13/0/0/187 was the max that could be achieved by banking a mag?
  7. Spuz

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    I cannot say for certain as I haven't personnally bothered to try, but ive heard both 188 and 187 from different people. (The effort is -sigh-), I plan to eventually make one though to see.
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    I still need to look at Mag Growth to determine if 188 is possible for Mind.
  9. Nightraven

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    Finally took the time to look it up.

    With this process, any class can do a 188 MIND mag following the same steps up to Mag level 35.

    Mag blasts are as follows:

    Hunter: Farlla-Mylla-Estilla
    Ranger: Estilla-Mylla-Golla
    Force: Leilla-Mylla-Golla
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  10. Detourist

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    I'm halfway done with making myself a couple of these 188 power mags and thought that perhaps I could add my 2 cents about doing this with a FO:

    1. If you start a 188 power mag with a FO, you can get Leilla as the first pb and you can also get the Twins pb if you transfer it over to a RA (with a B-type section ID) to feed it from level 49 - 50. Then you can transfer it back to your FO and feed it again to change it back to a Marica/Naraka but its Twins pb will stick. (usually, these mags will give you Golla/Pilla respectively)

    2. Once you've gotten it to level 35 on a FO, you can actually feed it Dimates instead of Monomates because they both add +1 defense each feed but Dimates give it +4 MORE power than Monomates!
  11. Spuz

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    Actually, you can get 0dfp mags on ultima so more should be possible ;)
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  12. Decided it was time to make something of some of the mags in my bank and decided to try using this to make a 12/0/0/188 Mind mag. Around mag level 30 it looked like it wouldn't be able to hit level 35 without getting that 13th Defense level, so I got curious about how badly I messed up. One ugly spreadsheet later, what I came to the conclusion was that since Monofluids give 8 Mind and Monomates give 10 Pow from levels 10-35, that ends up being some 32 additional Monofluid sessions, so the "15 mistakes" that a Power mag following this plan was just lost, so the Monofluid > Bank > Monofluid > Bank > Repeat strategy just has to result in 13 Defense for 187 Mind. But it will still totally make a 12/188/0/0 Power mag.

    A bit of a side note to my Mind Mag shenanigans is that banking after a single Monofluid will result in your Defense bar being 92% of the way to its next level when the Mag finally hits level 35. That means you're allowed a single double-feed "accident" if you're going the Mind mag route with this, the second time you double-feed you're stuck with 14 Defense but like no pressure bro. You can "make" some fudge factor for yourself by feeding a Trifluid instead of a Monofluid in between levels 10 and 35: Trifluids give you 19-but-actually-18 Mind for 7-but-actually-6 Defense (3 Mind to 1 Defense, as opposed to Monofluid's 2 Mind to 1 Defense). Since Trifluids also boost Dex, you can't use Trifluids for the whole thing, but you should still be able to feed four or five Trifluids (banking in between each single one) if you get nervous about your Defense being high. Again, all that's just for the Mind mag strategy, none of this is for Power mags.

    :oops: Oooor I could just be wrong entirely and just messed up horribly feeding my own mags and making the spreadsheet, numbers aren't really my strong suit.
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    I started this as a ranger and got to level 35 but i have a question i'd like to ask before i go and ruin things lol. If i were to pass on this lvl 35 ranger mag to a hunter would i be able to resume feeding mm's without banking like the ranger or would i have to bank after each feed as a hunter normally would until lvl 50?
  14. honeydrew

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    i just wanted to note some specific details here, i did some testing (via failure):

    Mag: 1 Monomate (Banked) = 0.04 DEF, 0.40 POW
    13 Monomate (Banked) => LV10 Kalki 5.52 DEF, 5.20 POW
    Kalki: 1 Monomate (Banked) = 0.04 DEF, 0.10 POW
    LV10 Kalki 5.52 DEF, 5.20 POW + 178 Monomate (Banked) => LV35 Surya 12.64 DEF, 23.00 POW

    • you DEFINITELY WANT TO DO THIS ON [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] RANGER. easier, faster, better pbs
    • up to 0.35 DEF can be mistakenly added with no end consequences. 0.36 DEF will fuck you up. i misfed it 2 nonbanked monomates and a moon atomizer and it turned out fine
    • takes a total of 191 feeds to get the mag to level 35 at which point in can just be left on ahk
    • as a surya at level 35, the mag will still take quite awhile to get to 50 because surya sucks and only likes monomates. safe to leave on AHK overnight, will only gain like 1 level per hour or something
    • make sure to evolve into Kaitabha, not Kama at level 50. kama will give you ugly pb, Kaitabha will lead u to salvation
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