How do I run the game in full screen?

Hey guys, I just installed the client and there is no option at the launcher for full screen. All I see is "Start Game, Exit Game, Patch Download and Register UserID". I entered the game and asked a few people but had no idea which button was the chat button. Some people said the option was at the launcher but I still can't find it.

I can't play in this small little square. Help :(


I just replied in the shoutbox, here is the same reply

In the launcher, go to Options and deactivate Window Mode.
I'd advise to keep Classic Full Screen off, a little while ago I made a "virtual full screen" which solves quite some issues with the real fullscreen... so its better to go that way.

Be sure to select your monitor's native resolution (or ratio) otherwise the window will stretch (or upscale and look pixelated)