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    Level 27 Racast purplenum

    I'm new to PSO. Well, I used to play on the gamecube but never went past episode 1 and never got past level 30~? It is nice to see a community still living and the game available to everyone in vanilla,
    Ephinea is awesome.

    Right now I am just doing the Government quests to simulate doing the story. I just got through mines and I'm grinding quests to prep for Ruins. I just cheesed Hard mode forest by spamming a Shadow rifle, dragon is still a pushover, and he dropped Musashi, which I can't use.

    That being said I have so many questions. I don't understand a thing anyone is saying in the Trade section lol.

    1. Are there specific quests I should prioritize?
    2. Tablets are mag cells right? I have two from the gamble tekker
    3. Is there any point in large meseta savings besides throwing it away to gamble?
    4. After reading, I've been feeding my mag just DEX and POW, is that alright?
    5. Is the Ephinea Wiki basically vanilla?
    6. What happens when the red Canane in Mines actually issues a command to Canadines (besides kamikaze)?
    7. How do I change the appearance of my char after creation?
    8. What is the purpose of pursuing a specific mag model? Is it for the appearance or photon blast? Most tend to look the same and do the same thing.

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    Welcome to Ephinea!

    1. Not necessarily. There are quests that are very good for leveling quickly such as Towards the Future, Respective Tomorrow, and Maximum Attack S in Episode 4. Ultimate is where the game really begins as there aren't too many hunts in lower difficulties. Once you get to level 41, you should get a Ranger Wall shield from Gallon's Shop. This will be your general purpose barrier until you own and can equip a Red Ring.

    2. Yes Tablets are mag cells. However the mag isn't very popular and the cell is rather easy to get, so it's unlikely you'll ever sell these :(

    3. Sacrificial special attacks are strong and effectively double the damage you deal from a hard attack. There are three specials in this category--Spirit, Berserk, and Charge. Spirit drains your TP (which RAcasts such as yourself have 0 :p ), Berserk drains your HP but will work indefinitely at 2+ HP. Charge drains your meseta which makes it rather safe to use.

    Almost every class will use a 50+ hit Charge Vulcan as an endgame item. Rangers have access to 50+ hit Charge Arms and Baranz Launcher (charge special as well) for multi-target weaponry.

    4. Yes. For RAcast, you'll be looking at your level 200 mag as 5/148/47/0 (def/pow/dex/mind). That will cap your ATA and ATP at level 200 with any reasonable material plan and V101 equipped (take a look at the material plan guide). However while leveling, you'll likely be using some type of unit for ATA or a mag with more DEX to raise your ATA before 200. You can always make a new character in one of the other 32 character slots on your account and deposit the baby mag into your shared bank to feed when/if you need more mags. There are also a number of mag sellers that sell premade mags rather cheap.

    5. Yes, the wiki reflects this server which is mostly vanilla. The drop tables have changed from the official sega servers drop tables (Blue Burst exclusive items drop in all episodes for example). HUnewearl can equip Clio, some items can be obtained with hit, and there are some custom quests. But the item pool, character and enemy stats qualifies it as vanilla in my book.

    6. Are you asking about the attacks? I know they can direct Canadines to move forward and attack with the Zonde attack, and I think they can also do the ordinary zig-zag dashing attack pattern.

    7. You need to be on a team with dressing room unlocked. This is a feature for teams to unlock by spending team points. You can find a team to join in the teams forum. Some players opt to make their own team and farm items for team points.

    8. Aesthetics and triggers are the two main reasons. You can get the three most desirable Photon Blasts on most "level 200" mags. The invulnerability triggers are important, and the 1/10 HP trigger is something that can be controlled especially in Episode 2 and 4. Some mags also have a bonus to their boss room entry trigger depending on the mag synchro, which makes a mag like Nidra rather popular.
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    Tropical! <3
    *Blinks in Awe at Ender-kuns prompt and informative reply* Dayum...Mew's Jelly~! <3!
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    Tropical! <3
    EEEeeeee!! *POUNCES and looks over 1Dam-san carefully!* Yet another Old Guard Cuber returns to the fight! Don't worry dear! You'll get far past whatever you obtained on Gamecube by even casual standards Here~! EP2 AND EP4 Awaits.....but bare in mind EP4 is kiiiinda the RAngers BANE! lol! Ender-kun has pretty much laid down the Law with his insightful reply....sooooo all that leaves mew with is to say....Welcome Home! =3!
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    Thanks a lot for answering my questions
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