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    I registered to this server as i had a relapse in my desire to replay Phantasy Star Online, and it happen about once or twice a year.

    I played the game since the Gamecube but back then it was mostly Phantasy Star Offline as i didn't have the adapter. I also played on the Official Server when Blue Burst was released.

    I also played on Schtack, some other server and looked during this year into Ultima but the change didn't keep me interested.

    I don't remember what i was searching for but i learned about the Ephinea PSOBB Private Server from K_I_R_E_E_K PSO Blog. When i learned it was the Tethealla Official Server i was sold, even more when i saw it was trying to recreate the classic PSOBB experience.

    Also i am personally working on a Spiritual Successor to MagFarm which i currently call Magatama.

    Why did i start working on it
    1. I had some issue with the drop-down list not showing their content, i managed to make it work by. placing it into the same folder as Magatama.
    2. The user interface is in my opinion somewhat outdated and clunky.
    3. Can't Update the Feeding Chart.
    4. No Description for the Photon Blast
    5. Lack of the Blue Burst Mag Cells.
    6. Can't save the current Session only Export History

    If you want to see it in action and get more information visit this thread https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/magatama-a-modern-mag-planner-calculator-wip.4552/

    ----- Below this Line is Partially Outdated Visit the Linked Thread Above for more information and update -----

    Here some tips
    • Press [F2] to Edit the Mag Stats and the History.
    • Press [ Ctrl + S ] to save your current Edit
    • Press [ Ctrl + E ] to only export the Output *Currently you need to manually add text in it for it to be worthwhile.
    • Press [ Ctrl + N ] to Create a New Mag.
    • Press [ Ctrl + O ] to Open a Previous Mag save data.
    Current Function
    • Full Drop-Down list and pictures for all Mags.
    • No "Please choose a character class." and/or "Please choose a section ID" if none are selected a Bluefull HUmar will be assumed as the current selection.
    • Saving the Current Data
    • Importing Previous Data
    • Export the content of Output
    • Photon Blast Description when hovering over the Photon Blast icon.
    • The Level is Determined by the Total of the DEF, POW, DEX and MIND
    • The Photon Blast 03 list is determined in function of the current Photon Blast 01 and Photon Blast 02, if Photon Blast 2 take the same as Photon Blast 3, Photon Blast 2 will take priority and Photon Blast 3 will be set to none and the list will be regenerated by the new conditions.
    • The Progress Bar use the same color as in-game.
    • Icon that tell if they are some current unsaved edit ( Red if some unsaved edit, Green if Saved )
    • Ability to customise the Class, Section ID,Mag. Photon Blast , Saved/Unsaved and Background by manually editing the Pictures in the Sub-Folder available in the Graphics Folder
    • Change the Photon Blast Description by editing PhotonBlast.xml available in the Data Folder.
    • Clicking the Pictures will put focus on the corresponding drop-down list.

    Sorry for the long introduction.
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    Welcome to the COOLEST PSO server on the world wide web
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    *POUNCES and examines Aether-san carefully!* Oh Wow! another Cuber returns! Not only that, but Mew can already tell you're very PASSIONATE about starting to play again....aaaand what you and others feel is an Important part of PSOing....the MAGS! <3 Keep that passion alive, welcome back to your addiction and most of all.... Welcome Home! =3
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    Wow. hi.

    Id Totally be interested in that when complete.
  5. Aether89

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    Sorry for not having replied to this warm welcome sooner, i wanted to have made some more progress on Magatama.

    Good News it is almost ready for a beta test and if you are interested in Testing it start a Private Conversation and also include the alias you want to be credited with and i will send you the link as soon as it is ready.
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