hi guys :3


ephinea music instructor
some people might remember me from scht...i was FM and GM over there for a bit. hadn't played in over a year when scht went down, then i heard about this fine place and figured what the hell, i'll give pso another run :)

nice to see you all here, currently trying to get my "scht" together (ha...ha...)


Welcome to Ephinea!

I've seen you on Schtserv forums, but haven't talked to you at all.

I hope you enjoy your time here!


ephinea music instructor
thanks! you'll see me running around on a hucl named shadow_fiX for now, trying to level and hunt important rares, like a brand, etc.

#freshstart okr

NYT Raven

Haha I'm say WELCOME again =P . Sidenote luvd that pun lmao. If ya see me ingame I'm always down fer runs!