Hey there! Another half-new soul on Ephinea

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Exodia, Mar 13, 2018 at 9:26 AM.

  1. Exodia

    Exodia The Forbidden One

    I believe I have never introduced myself here. Happy to still be able to play this wonderful classic in it's vanilla state with quality of life enhancements!
    I created an account here last year and played a bit, but I lost interest for a while. Only playing solo isn't that much fun in the long term. But now I am back and I am planning to stay quite a while and I am looking to join a team to have some people to play with and I don't feel so lonely anymore with my crappy gear. :D
    I am an oldschool PSO player, started playing on the Gamecube back in 2004 and then slowly I came into contact with Schthack, enabling me to play online. Many hours went by playing this game, I have so many fond memories, it's incredible.
    After my Gamecube died I moved on to Blue Burst some time later and after the wipe of Schthack happened I stopped playing altogether. Had the urge to play PSO again after a year or so and started on Ultima, but I didn't like the changes they made there. After that, I found Ephinea and that's where I'll stay. :)

    My only character right now is a HUcast, Level 119 and nonseasonal. English isn't my native language, but I try my best to type understandable sentences. :D

    Uhh, well... if there are questions just ask them. I am looking forward to play with you!
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  2. Esufer

    Esufer resta me senpai

  3. Cassie 9

    Cassie 9 Real Life Red Ring Rico Staff Member

    Your English is really good! It's nice to see you here. I'm glad you've discovered the best PSO server that exists. :lenny: No doubt you'll find a team soon and be well on your way to 200 ;)
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  4. NDW

    NDW Member

    Youngstown, OH
    Guildcard 2:
    Welcome to Ephinea, Forbidden One.

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  5. Asmod3hus

    Asmod3hus Baguette Hunter

    Where do you come from ? There's a lot of non-english players here :) Most players are easy to understand and will help you if you have trouble with english ^^
    Anyway, welcome to Ephinea :)
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  6. Elekor

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  7. Xurai

    Xurai Member

    Level 119 welcome!! Sadly I'm seasonal only until after this season is over. I look forward to hunting together one day!
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  8. Exodia

    Exodia The Forbidden One

    I am happy to know my English doesn't seem to suck as much as I thought... somehow it makes me kinda shy to talk with English-speaking players because I feel like I'm writing gibberish, which I know isn't true, but oh well. I am too self-conscious about this.

    I am from Germany Asmod3hus. :)

    Thanks to you all for the nice welcome so far.
  9. Nytriel

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  10. Escher

    Escher Despair Miner

    Great to see so many people joining!
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  11. r.giles

    r.giles R is for Robot

    Ruins 3
    welcome. good to meet you, see you on Ragol

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