Hey SCHT/Ultima/Eden players!


Hello! Crisstof here! (A.K.A. Daikami, TopherChico)

Looking forward to playing on Ephinea for the vanilla experience. Very excited. Would love to join a team of vets for the purpose of running stuff together and potentially getting in on some Challenge Mode when that is released. Anyone formed up yet?

Also not sure what I'm gonna main yet. Daikami was the ultimate FOmarl support on SCHT, so I suppose I could do that again, but I'm open to anything really if you need that one class you don't have yet!

Looking forward to making new friends/running into old ones!


Hey Crisstof, Welcome to Ephinea!

I know NDW and I have a team, named the same as his old one was "TheAgency"
Unsure on if he's on the lookout for more members, you'd have to wait until he gets back from his vacation!
Which means, plenty of time to level up!

Good luck and happy hunting!


Staff member
Hello and welcome to the server and forum! We are very glad to have you! I would love to play some games with you. I'm currently playing a HUcaseal and a RAmar, I might scrape the HUcaseal for a HUnewearl... but maybe not...


Welcome to Ephinea!

The Agency is always looking for teammates for Normal Mode and Challenge Mode.

I give Gnome permission to add you to our team before I get home from vacation.