Hey its me OH BONG



It's me OH BONG. I'm a new player. The only time I have played PSO prior was with the friend that introduced me to this game; it was my first time ever playing a game on a console too! I'm recreating OH BONG to remember the old memories since this was the character we played together with. I'm originally from China but I study in the US so I never had a chance to play Gamecube until I came to the US.:p

If anyone was wondering OH BONG was just a shortened name of Oh Bong-goo, a character from a Korean drama "God of Study". I just like his looks so I made him look extra cool and became him in PSO.

Looking forward to meeting everyone :D


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I like the fro! Purple is stylin' too.

Welcome to Ephinea. Hope you have a blast!