Hey! I'm a mostly solo Hunewnerdearl but I've had some really great online experiences here. :)



I joined a few weeks ago under Isabelle as a Hunewearl. I don't know what the forums are compared to the Online mode, but I might have TTF'd with you once or twice since joining as that's one of the only things I've done more than once in a multiplayer party.

I've clocked about 40 hours in the game so far, reaching level 55 and three level level 1x,1x,2x characters. For a lot of you I'm guessing that these stats for 40 hours is horrendously slow compared to what you'd be able to do, especially if you play in parties often or are well connected in the PSO community and have players to help carry you from level 40 to 100 overnight (Or however long that takes).

To me though, this hunewearl is the highest level I've achieved on PSO since I first played it with my older brother and his friend on the gamecube back in 2003. I've tried out PSOBB Private servers two or three times before now, and played solo until level 40 ish before losing interest, and I'm usually pretty shy when it comes to playing in parties. Everyone always seems to be already well-connected into the PSO private server community and I get the vibe that there isn't a lot of welcome room. It might just be my social anxiety.

This is definitely one of those great-memories, in the small list of nostalgic childhood games, but it's a game I haven't ever really explored past normal/hard episode 1/4, and a few runs through episode 2 13 years ago when I was a level 16 force tagging along my brother/brother's friend's 6x/8x humar/humarl. Dying a lot and getting scorned for being slow. The being slow part hasn't changed since then, but, I have a lot of fun and I am learning the ropes.

Anyway, since opening a few normal modes instead of one players, I've had some really great experiences and realized that the community is quite nice and willing to help new players. It's an eye opening experience for me and I've tried to pay it forward to the extent I can with the odd party with a random new player to help them out.

I'm thinking this is a server I can stick around for a little longer than all of my past PSO experiences. I'm looking forward to adventuring with you! If you're up for some questing or adventuring, or a random dance party come find me. ^^

Also, I'd be very interested in fighting with some of you through a challenge mode. Some day. If this is something you'd be willing to show me the ropes in, I'm a quick learner!;)

Happy playing.


Still new and know nothing about the game but I kind of do the same as you :) I like to solo things first and savor the quests exploring the best way I can even talking to NPC's for they useless small talk! I know I'm weird hahahaha

Anyway welcome!

and I do feel this good vibe coming from this strangers here in the forum so maybe we could play one or 2 quests in the future but nothing that would make me enter in God mode when I play solo :)


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Its good to see more people savoring the experience and taking it slow (in contrast with those who just powerlevel straight into Ultimate). Feel free to hit me up if you need some company in-game.
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Well for now I'm following you guys here but after some time solo and learning something it would be nice to create a team name it "slow players" and them enjoy the game the way we like without feeling that you're slowing others since the others are slow like you :)


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Yeah, the community is a great bunch of people. Lots of cool people. I am always up for games/helping out if you see me about (Using Spizzle mostly atm).

There is a few cmoders about that would play, I would love to do some with you :).

Welcome to the forums and Ephinea in general ^^


After sometime playing hardcore mode seems like a cool addition to team play cause everyone will try to keep their friends alive and if they die it's sad cause they are gone for good :(


Hey, welcome! I love C-mode, but I'm far too casual in terms of time constraints to commit now. However, there's several S-rank weapons I want ;). Enjoy your stay!

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*POUNCES Belle-san gently and examines for signs of Trauma....* There's Plenty of room for "welcome vibes" dear! Yes, MOST of us have been around since Dreamcast Sega servers and tend to Quell that Elitist streak when happening upon Newbies, so no worries! =3 And level 55 is just outside of the Super Squishy range so that u can actually start enjoying yourself without getting One Shotted, pipe...one shotteded again...pipe.... stagger back...One Shottededed...silent scream....Rage Quit... XD!
Mew'll be sure to keep you on her "Pounce on Sight!" list once she's sees you wandering around or in a room. >=3
Oh and being shy on PSO isn't new dear! Lookie! <3
And yes Welcome Home! =3
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I may have a level 70 character but I still know jack shit about PSO. Hopefully we can learn about PSO together. And if you get confused don't worry this community will help you!