Hey everyone!


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I'm Ryan! I got my start with PSO on the Gamecube a loooong time ago; I originally bought PSO just to get the Tails Chao in SA2B, and it turned out to be an amazing and addictive game in its own right. I switched to BB not long after Sega's servers for it went down, as I didn't want to cheat them out of any money or anything... I played on Schthack for years before getting disillusioned with it due to its "cheat protection" that kept crashing my browser and Skype. :| I played on an obscure private server for a bit not long ago, but that stopped working for me too; it had some crazy experience boosts on literally all the time, which was a big turnoff by itself.

I was directed here by a couple of members of the /r/PSO community on Reddit. I'm looking forward to an amazing vanilla PSO experience that I haven't had since my days on GC! :D


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Hi, Ryan! Welcome to the forum and server. Glad to have you!

We take pride in our normal experience and drop rates, haha. It definitely does ruin the enjoyment if you get everything at once, makes you not realize the value of your items.

We do hope you enjoy playing here, don't be afraid invite to invite more friends. We're all friendly here!

EDIT: Broken English, what the hell...


Welcome to Ephinea, I'm glad you've chosen us!
I'm sure you'll be alot happier here

Good luck and happy hunting