Hello everyone :D

I'm new here as a forum member, but I played the game a lot (EP1 and 2 before, and PSOBB since 2007 or 2008 on SCHTHACK IIRC).

I used to lurk on the old forum as well, where I got the old Tethealla builds, and used to run my own server for a while (I still have a lot of web pages with tutorials and general instructions I downloaded from the forum, long before Sodaboy put it in read only mode and then removed leaving only a few zip files for Tethealla on the server root :p )

I haven't played the game for more than 2 years probably, then yesterday I accidentally found a backup I made from the SCHT client folder, and tried to fire it up again, just to discover that SCHT eventually went down.

Found on their forum a post with some alternative server names, including this "Ephinea" which I never heard before, and well, it was a pleasant surprise to see Pioneer2 alive and kicking again :D

Starting from scratch is pretty hard (I had a lvl 130 pg on SCHTHACK and a very nice inventory), but hey who cares, I still love this game :D

See you around!