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That Others May Live!
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Long-time offline GC player here, played a bit on Scht and also a bit on my own hosted server with a few buddies.

Looking to get more into the online aspect of the game as well, and really enjoying the lack of game-breaking "features" this server has.

Looking forward to meeting people!
Ooooooo yet another Scht refugee finds their way Home! =3 And a GCer no less! =3

"Game breaking" as icky as it sounds, was the attempt of Staff to keep us happy. The More Grumpy-kins (Lee) tried to keep us happy....the More stuff broke...It's one of those "You can only please Some of the people Some of the time, but you can't please ALL of the people ALL of the time..." Idioms. *sighs* but they TRIED =').

Looking forward to pouncing and playing with you on Ragol Rarona-san! Oh, and Welcome Home!! <3

Harborer of Hope

That Others May Live!
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Seeing how many new players we got lately there'll be plenty of people to meet indeed. :D

Welcome to Ephinea and feel free to ask around if there's anything you want to know etc. :)
Mew is STILL Geeking out how many NEW players are still popping up! It's normally around THIS time of year when everyones back in school and vacay is over that any server tends to turn to ghost towns....but they Keep Coming! Eeeeeeeeeee!!! <3!
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So what's the verdict as far as partying on this server? Should I start out blowing through the one player campaign?

Past experience has taught me that it's usually faster to level alone until 40~50 or so unless you have a dedicated group.


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Usually someone will join in if you host an open game. Just title it 'leveling' or whatever and I'm sure you'll get one or two lovely members of the community to come in and help speed things up :p