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    My name is Maratus! I'm very new here (still trying to get the game to run tbh), but I've been playing PSO on my gamecube for years. This is the first game I'm trying to play online with other people, so please be patient with me! I may not be online much, but I hope to make some new friends!
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    EEEeeeee!!! *POUNCES and looks over carefully!* No need to feel you're gonna be a burden on Anyone dear! LOTS of NEW new players who havent played PSO online at all! So if anything, You'll be far better off than others when you hit the ground running! Aaaand we'll be MOAR than '"patient"....we'll be encouraging, supportive, and borderline SPOIL you here~! Well, mew will prolly lol. Youre gonna LOVE it here! Welcome Home!
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    Welcome to Ephinea!
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