I am a native of Brazil Astaroth.
I am part of team players
Ephinea. I'm no always online because I have my responsibilities in the Brazilian server,
but whenever possible I'll be here.
You can count on me. XD
I have serious difficulties with English. to facilitate contact add me on Skype (ismael i.am) I am willing to help with anything you need.
good game to all and thanks Ephinea


Staff member
People always say that have major problems with English, but usually I can understand them well.

That said, I can understand you and WELCOME TO THE SERVER! Glad to have you here, even if you're not on all the time.

Enjoy, man!


Welcome to Ephinea!
I hope you'll enjoy your stay and we'll get to talk in-game, I'm always up for a run, so just spam me with messages in the lobby if need be!

Good luck!
Hi Astaroth, played with you quite a bit yesterday. Was nice going through the government quests again for the first time since the official server (Piglett/Piglette). :)
I'll introduce my wife. she is too lazy to register hahahahahahahaha
she plays together 2 years. she wants to join me in the searches who want help will be here.
her name is Sweetie or just Carol.


I'd like to welcome Sweetie as well, glad you're wanting her to join Ephinea as well.
Good luck and happy hunting to you both!