Hey everyone! My name is NDW. It is short for my initials.

I've played thousands of hours of PSO:BB on Schthack and over 10K hours of PSU on official server for Xbox 360.

I'm currently a GM and Forum Moderator Contributor for PSU Clementine.

I like to play as a HUcast, RAmar, RAcast, and FOnewearl in Normal Mode and I love to play Challenge Mode.
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Welcome, NDW! It is an honor to have you here!

Wow, a PSU server GM! I'll have to come check your work out too!!!

Hope we can play together sometime!

Don't worry, we will have challenge mode soon! I have never played it past the second stage of Episode 1, so maybe you could teach me...

I should also post my own introduction thread here too... Hehe. :)