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    Hello folks, I'm new here. HUcast is my character of choice. I played a ton of PSO on DC and GC, but mostly solo. My friends got me into these PSOBB private servers recently, and it's been a huge wave of nostalgia. We started on Schthack, but they quit once the summer event ended. I heard this server was true to the original game and had interesting features, so here I am!

    Quick question: what's a good way to level starting out? I've been playing solo mostly, one player mode. Is online better? Any specific quests?

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    TTF, or for a slower approach TE. maS EP1/4 also are decent exp.

    Welcome to ephinea :)
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    Eeeeeeeee!! Another SCHT Rescue! Most if not All of us are SCHT refugees here too dear! As Spuzzies said, yes, TTF (Towards the Future...located under VR)...and RT's (ep2 VR ....Respective Tomorrow) are your standard fare for exp grinding....you'll see quite a few room names wiff "TTF" in them and RTs....and "ma..." (Max Attack). But one of the moar effective ways of getting thru these exp grinds is......FIND MEW!! Or one of her loved ones to halp get you rolling with gusto! lol Welcome Home! =3
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