Hello this is Valor.


I'm looking to get virtual.

Ideally, I'd like to be as strong as at least 3 oxen.

I've read a few guides and I understand to be a "Ranger of Worlds" as people call it, I must be strong both of mind and will.

I will continue forth, as I currently have a mindset kindred to only those of the sea (My spirit animal is the mud skipper).

Feel free to add me on AIM

Harborer of Hope

That Others May Live!
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Sup Valor. Do you have a character with the same name? If so, then we have already met. I am the one Bee to rule all Bees, you see.
*waits with swishing tail watching....* Yes, what character name so mew may know who to Pounce on Sight? >=3


My online avatar is Valor.

I look forward to meeting you all as we keep our hearts gold, and our heads in the stars.

Update on the reading ranger guides:
NastyNed's use of Nietzsche is refreshing if not a bit daunting.
Looking from the outside in, I met Valor for the first time today.


The Dimate feeding
Is Sato masochism
Be my Monomate