Hello, Goodbye, I'll be back

Hi I'm darkrangeresp.

Goodbye, I am taking a break from pso as Black Ops 3 comes out on Friday. It has been fun playing here with all of you. If you hate me, you can blame NDW. He was the one who told me Soda launched this great server. I really missed this game since scht died. " But nothing is going to last forever" "Soda, is our only hope" All joking aside this is a fun pso server with a decent staff and a fun community.

I'll be back for the Christmas season at the very least. Kolir could still use some polish and my new fomar Santa is progressing nicely. If you want me back sooner petition Soda to start the Christmas event early. If not I will be back whenever it starts. Thanks for a great experience guys. I hope all your hunts are sucessful and until next time "may the force be with you."