Hello! from Madstokie


Scientist of the 'Are Rappys flammable' foundation
Hi Everyone,

I thought I'd put together the only bit of sanity I have left to say hello, especially as there is an introduction section here.

I played PSO all the way back on the Dreamcast when it was good old version 1. Even after being hit with loads of NOLs, being surrounded by mostly cheating bastards and enjoying corrupted saves and BSODs, I had such a good time with the game and my close group of friends that I also had some time on the XBOX eps 1 and 2 version, along with going onto the official PSOBB server (HI SPUZ!!!!) before SEGA got bored and turned off the only server that ran the thing.

I went onto Ultima for a time before coming here and what a move it was! I am absolutely thrilled with the server and I hope to be here for a good, long time.

I'm always willing to help or be part of anything so let me know! At the time of writing, I'm just about strong enough to resist the sexual advances of a Rappy so don't expect much :D


Staff member
Wow, you sound dedicated. Sticking around through all the BS that happened to you. You must truly enjoy the game with all your heart!