Hello :D

Howdy, y'all.

I'm a sorta PSO vet here, I've played a lot of offline GC PSO and some PSOBB on other pservers. I saw this server and thought it'd be fun to start from square one again :D

While I bang my head trying to get my controller to work just right, does anyone have any recommendations for HUD mods or any other addons to make the playing experience better?



Hello and welcome to Ephinea.

Many excellent skins/mods found here:
I'd also recommend the Lua UI in this thread:
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welcome, lmk if you need a couple of "starter" items to give you a boost til you get to Ult. difficultly, either way take care and gl hunting!
Appreciate it! I'll let you know if I need any gear :D

Also, any recommendations on fonts? I've always found the default fonts to always look pretty bleh in BB in my experience. I did download the Gulim font, and while it's better than most, it's still not super great imo.


@smilinsphere I may be a little late to recommend a mod, but this makes the game an absolute blast. Check it out!