Having Desync Issues


Hey guys!

Wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem I've been having.

Decided to come check out the server, played a little last night by myself as got nostalgia overload. Told my brother about it and today he started playing also. No problems this far.

This morning we tried playing together on our lowbie characters, he is completely fine, no issues. I however got disconnected from the game, thought nothing of it and jumped straight back in. Went back to the shop to empty my inventory and noticed that I had no armor and had lost my Nar Lilly Angel/Mind :(

After a little digging I found out that it has something to do with exploitation or whatever and I should have changed blocks, which is figured is fine to learn that lesson now rather than later. However, since that issue I have been desync'ing and disconnecting every 5-10 min since. What's the deal? Is there is a ban on the same IP or something?

We play in the same house so I assumed this could be an issue as I played on a private EQ server that had issues with this.


Staff member
Play on a ship that has a lower ping to you (use /ping to check) and/or improve your connection to the Internet by either being closer to your wireless router or not downloading a ton of stuff while gaming.