GunvoltEXE has arrived!


Hello, everyone.

This server looks great.
It's very refreshing to see a server you can actually register on, and that doesn't have PHP errors all over it's front page. :D

I've been playing PSO online since the middle of the GameCube days, and offline since V1 on DreamCast.

I'm a programmer, web designer and developer, and aspiring (that's code for not that good) artist!

I hope to have lots of fun here and make new friends.

Here's a PSO drawing I did of Kireek, so you can see how bad I am at drawing. :oops:


Happy Hunting, everyone!


GospelEXE said:
Welcome, fellow EXE member Gunvolt. Love the art!

... No, I do not know him. But welcome nonetheless!

Ha, ha! Nice! Gospel was my favorite boss in MMBN. Thanks for the welcome, and the complement on the art :D

Mad said:
Did you make more PSO art? Would love to see it!

Not yet, but I'm going to probably draw some Machine type enemies, and maybe Dark too.