Good evening, everyone!

My name is Eric. I'm a long-time veteran of the original Sega servers. I went by many names, including Korin (HUcast, PSO I and II), Korin145 (HUcaseal, PSO III), Helios (HUmar, PSO I and II), Blackbird (FOmar, PSO I and II), and 'atr | Hex (RAmar, PSO I and II). I first played on the servers back in 2004, and spent somewhere in the neighborhood of ~10,000 hours (probably more) playing between 2001 and 2008 (first three years without a Gamecube broadband adapter).

I'm actually writing to you all this evening as I have interest to get back into the game. I'm a graduate student so I don't have much time, but I miss this game dearly. The nostalgia is strong with my memories, including those I made by meeting so many people and the oodles of fun I had with the online community in the past. I never did get around to playing PSOBB, but am eager to give it a shot. I have a few friends who may join me--this will certainly add some great people (who I know well) to the community here.

I heard about this server about 30 minutes ago, as a recent Facebook post came up (as a memory). The post was made back in November 2013 by a friend of mine who said "Dude, we should totally do this! It's a free to play server called schtserv!" It never happened. A few minutes ago, however, I checked to see the status of the server. To my dismay, I found it was down. But, after doing some quick digging, I found this. And, I'm pleased to be here. Knowing that the data (characters, inventories, etc.) will be backed up eases my concerns greatly.

I remember playing PSO with Sodaboy (albeit not often). His name is familiar to me. That's the switch that drew me to make an account and consequently this post here tonight.

I haven't decided what class I'm going to make yet. However, I think for the sake of nostalgia, I'll go with my first character (Blackbird's class, a FOmar), who I raised up to level 13x before I was FSOD'd by a guy in an online lobby in the Sega servers following my second week of gameplay online.

My new IGN is TheGeologist. Have a lookout, and say hi! I'll probably not get into much more than a couple hours of gameplay until mid-December when I get some free time (going home for 2 weeks! yippee!), but I'll be lurking here and posting occasionally. This can fill the little hobby space I have for the time being.

Warm regards,

-Eric (TheGeologist)