I go by "Goldmund" in-game and co-founded the team "Very Important Newmans" (V.I.N.) on Schthack. Due to Schthack's recent crash and the lack of involvement of that server's administrator, we've been considering relocating elsewhere. You've probably already met some of my teammates: Yuliette/Malayka, ajc46/Bifrost and Roaxes/Kasuto. I had fun playing on your server today, though it remains to be seen where the others and I will feel more at home. Hopefully, this server will see a lot growth and I look forward to playing again soon.

Ah, also, thanks to NDW for telling me about this server. I also heard about it from Yuliette and another user, but I admire his heroic act of opening 120 tabs to message all of Schthack about it.


Welcome Goldmund, I viewed the amazing screenshot that NDW took when he was sending them, I couldn't count all the tiny tabs.

Welcome to Ephinea, I hope you enjoy your stay, and the growth over the past 3/4 days has been amazing, no doubt before long, we'll be up there with the big ones.

Good luck and happy hunting, don't hesitate to invite me to a game here and there, I'm always up for it!


Welcome to Ephinea, diemildefreude!

I'm happy to see you join this server. I expect to see the V.I.N. team made on here by the time I come back from vacation.


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Yuliette is an insane power leveler... Is everyone in your group so dedicated to PSO?