Greetings Everyone!


Hey guys and gals of the server. Just wanted to drop in and say that I heard about this server while over on Ultima PSOBB, and had heard that Soda was all about being Vanilla and has included challenge mode as well as the single player story mode missions that unlock in the correct order. Just want to say that the above information immediately sold me!

I have since been reading that Soda is actually keeping rare items... RARE... And THAT sent me over the edge with excitement. I am stuck at work right now, but I will be downloading the client as soon as I get home! Hope to see ya'll online! And here's to major success for a server that knows the pride and excitement of WORKING HARD for a legit PSOBB experience!!!!


Welcome! Hope you enjoy that same vanilla experience that we all desire. I know I am! The community is great as well.

Happy hunting!