Good RAmar shield lv135?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tsumetai, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Tsumetai

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    Trying to help Chadstar find some good gear, what's a good shield/barrier anyone would recommend for level 135 RAmar

    While we're at it any good shield suggestions for 145 FOnewm?

    Thanks in advance .maybe someone can also tell me how I can find this information on my own too thx
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  2. Echelon

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  3. Rune

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    Ranger Wall 99% of the time. Overall the best shield til 180 and its free besides costing a bit of time and meseta. Really if other classes could use it they would 99% of the time as well.

    God's shield kouryu is a fair runner up on falz or tower til you have enough hp to handle rafoie or rabarta blasts.

    Fo's vary in general. Again God's shield, but you have your resta merges (Not as needed for girls and in general sometimes), gifoie merges, red merges, 3 seals, and so on.

    If you want a shield for only def for some reason than dal ra lie shield offers potentially more def than any other in game I guess iirc but meh.
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  4. Spuz

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  5. Chronos Notashi

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    As Echelon and Rune said: Ranger Wall. Until you hit the true endgame, that's the ONLY barrier a Ranger should bother with. Get it as early as level 40, then throw out any other barrier your Ranger may be carrying (that aren't the high/top-tier barriers like Red Ring, Anti-Dark Ring, God Shield, etc), because none of them will be nearly as viable.

    Yes, other shields gives more DFP/EVP, but your friend is a Ranger. He shouldn't even be getting hit by most attacks in the first place, and many of the attacks he typically WILL be hit by are unaffected by DFP/EVP anyway.
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