Game stuck at patch downloader


So I've started playing this game yesterday and it worked just fine. Today, however, it's stuck on the patch downloading screen and nothing happens. The game is not freezing because the background is still moving as normal.

I've attached a screen shot of what it looks like.

I'm thinking maybe there's some update/maintenance going on? I'm not entirely sure.


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    PSOBB fail.PNG
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Try logging in again? Sometimes the game likes to hangout for no reason :rolleyes:
I just logged on no problem.


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No, still stuck. Tried logging in and out and everything. Must be my connection, haha.
Yeah a bad connection will cause problems like that. I used to get them all the time and had to close and reopen the game several times before I could make it to the lobby.
Only thing I can suggest is try to get a stronger connection.


Haha, probably my fault for relying on school wifi to play xD

Well, thank you anyways ^^ I appreciate the reply :)


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Also try antivirus exception if you haven't already. AVs nowadays block network incoming and outgoing data as well.

Especially from unknown/not digitally signed programs.