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Differences between V501 and V502, special reduction, etc.
By: Magnum+
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This information has been tested and is absolute.


VR Temple
VR Spaceship
Central Control Area
Note: Mericarol ESP is 50, Sinow Spigell EDK is 80


1. You need to know if you can hit the target

(ATA x 5) - enemy EVP) / 5 = base*ATA Calculator
Confusion, Paralysis and Shock dont lower EVP
Only Frozen status lower EVP

2. You need to have the special activate once you hit.

Special attack based on enemy EDK
(Activation rate - enemy EDK) / reduction

Instant death
- Dim: 48%
- Shadow: 66%
- Dark: 78%
- Hell: 93%
- Megid

For Android: 30% bonus activation on ESP based special in Ultimate.

Special attack based on enemy ESP
[Android boost (Ultimate 30%) + activation rate - enemy ESP] / reduction

Confuse enemy to have it attack the nearest target. 8 seconds in effect. Can stack over its own effect.
- Panic: 29%
- Riot: 44%
- Havoc: 60%
- Chaos: 76%

Freeze enemy to lower his EVP. 4 seconds in effect. Cannot stack.
- Ice: 32%
- Frost: 48%
- Freeze: 64%
- Blizzard: 80%

Paralyze enemy to stop his movement. 6 seconds in effect. Can stack over its own effect.
- Bind: 32%
- Hold: 48%
- Seize: 64%
- Arrest: 80%

This multiplier must be added at the end of the formula after reduction.

Instantaneous death x 1.5 time
Confusion, freezing, paralysis x 1.5 time

Instantaneous death x 2 time
Confusion, freezing, paralysis x 1.5 time

Mechs, Shots and Slicers suffer 1/3 reduction.
Partisans, Swords, Daggers, Double Sabers, Twin Swords and Launchers suffer 1/2 reduction.
It is generally assumed weapons with a rarity value of 10 or higher do not suffer reduction.
Single target weapons and S-Rank weapons do not suffer reduction.

Reduction for special attack based on ESP and EDK is applied for the success rate of the special.
Reduction for special attack with set activation rate decrease the power of its effect.


Set to 50%
Reduces Enemy HP
- Devil's: 1/2 & Demon's: 3/4 / reduction

For Android: Devil's and Demon's reduce enemy HP by only 25% and 45% respectively, instead of by 50% and 75% respectively (only in Ultimate).
Note: If HP cannot divide more (1HP), this special attack will kill the enemy instead.

All special attack activation are set to 100% except those mentioned above
(confuse, ice, paralysis, hell and demon series)

Drain Enemy HP (of max enemy HP)
- Draw: 5%, Drain: 9%, Fill: 13%, Gush: 17% /reduction
Max cap:120HP

Refills TP (of your maximum TP)
- Heart: 3%, Mind: 4%, Soul: 5%, Geist: 6% / reduction
Max cap:100TP

Steals EXP (of monster total EXP)
- Master's: 8%, Lord's: 10%, King's: 12% / reduction
Max cap: 80XP (30% android boost Ultimate)

Fire damage
[(your character Lv - 1) / ? + ??] = your base damage
Base damage x [1 - (enemy EFR x .01] = your damage to enemy
- Heat: / 4 + 40
- Fire: / 3 + 60
- Flame: / 2 + 80
- Burning: + 100

Lightning damage
[(your character Lv - 1) / ? + ??] = your base damage
Base damage x [1 - (enemy ETH x .01] = your damage to enemy
- Shock: / 4 + 40
- Thunder: / 3 + 60
- Storm: / 2 + 80
- Tempest: + 100

Sacrificial Attack
- Charge: 200 Meseta

- Spirit : 20% TP remaining, special isnt infinite
Will stop working once TP reach minimal value

- Berserk: 25% HP remaining, special is infinite
Will stop working if HP value go under 3

Weapons with special attack that have the accuracy of a strong attack (which increase your PB)
- Vjaya, Windmill, Frozen Shooter, Snow Queen

Weapons with special attack using photon meter based energy wave (never miss)
- Berdysh (360 degree radius effect with low range, damage of weak attack)
- Tsumikiri-J-Sword (360 degree radius effect with long range, damage of hard attack)

Weapons with special attack based on magic (never miss)
- Caduceus (Foie), Hildebear's Cane (Foie), Technical Crozier (Barta), Magical Piece (Zonde), Psycho Wand (Foie, Barta, Zonde)
- Twin Blaze (Gifoie), Hildeblue's Cane (Gibarta), Sight of a God (Gizonde), Maser Beam & Power Maser (Gizonde)
- Soul Banish (Megid), Heaven Punisher (Grants) can get up to 12 target
- S-Rank Zalure, Jellen


Explanation, detail and various example for the activation of special attack in ultimate mode.

- Hell: mostly useful in Ep2, also work good against satellite lizard in Ep4.

93% (hell) - 59 EDK (Morfos) = 34 x 2 (V502) = 68%
With a V502, monster such as Morfos have a high chance of instant death when hit.

Ranger class can kill very fast when they make an efficient use of this special attack.

Epsilon is the only enemy immune to all status effect.

- Confuse: all enemies can be confused except mini-boss (Gibbles, Gi-Gue, Mericarol series)

76 - 10ESP = 66 x 1.5 = 99%
76 - 30ESP = 46 x 1.5 = 69%

Im taking example on Bartle and Del-D (Ruin) ESP value.
Basically from this statement, any grunt enemy have very good chance to be confused by a non-droid using chaos.

- Blizzard: all enemies can be frozen except Dorphon (Eclair) and Girtablulu

30% + (blizzard) 80% - ESP = ?? /

Blizzard is one special in which i need some people to test..
EIC is probably included in the process of activation which make it lot less useful.
Droid cannot freeze a Gibble in normal mode but can in ultimate mode which prove that blizzard need an ESP check to activate.
But the reason why it doesnt work as it is expected is what we need to know.

- Arrest: all enemies can be paralyzed except machine.

30 + 80 - 100 ESP = 10 x 1.5 = 15%

Im taking example on Gibbles, Gi-Gue, Mericus and Merikle ESP value.
Basically from this statement, any other enemy have a higher chance to get paralyzed with the same special used.


Non-droid vs droid special efficiency in Ultimate.

Delbiter 90 ESP

Non-droid using arrest (80%) cant overcome it so its a constant 0%
Droid using arrest (30% boost) + 80 - 90 = 20 x 1.5 = 30%

Dark Bringer 65 ESP

Non-droid using arrest 80 - 65 = 15 x 1.5 = 23%
Droid using seize 30 + 64 - 65 = 29 x 1.5 = 44%
Droid using arrest 30 + 80 - 65 = 45 x 1.5 = 68%

Ill Gill 50 ESP

Non-droid using seize 64 - 50 = 14 x 1.5 = 21%
Non-droid using arrest 80 - 50 = 30 x 1.5 = 45%
Droid using seize 30 + 64 - 50 = 44 x 1.5 = 66%
Droid using arrest 30 + 80 - 50 = 60 x 1.5 = 90%

Barble 10 ESP Del-D 30 ESP

Non-droid using seize 64 - 10 = 54 x 1.5 = 81%
Non-droid using arrest 80 - 30 = 50 x 1.5 = 75%
Droid using seize 30 + 64 - 30 = 64 x 1.5 = 96%

<insert broken japanese text which I wont copy, sorry Magnum+>

This is the official info.
I took it on a blog of a ST employee.
Translation here:

> V502 becomes the superior edition of V501 and only hell is something which is strengthened,
The effect 50% UP (the same as V501) > hell 100% UP (as for V501 50% UP)

> It is plugged if > concerning the arrest chaos
Blizzard and does not use hell V501 and what it does not change.

> Furthermore both V501 / V502 completely there is no repetition effect with plural uses.

Instantaneous death type element ¨1.5 time
Confusion type element ¨1.5 time
Freezing type element ¨1.5 time
Paralysis type element ¨1.5 time

Instantaneous death type element ¨2 time
Confusion type element ¨1.5 time
Freezing type element ¨1.5 time
Paralysis type element ¨1.5 time

tl:dr; V502 is the same as V501 except it gives higher boost with instant death special.[/quote]


V801 explained.
By: redtide89
Old post: ... 2&t=286521

V801 makes your character cast techniques faster. If you can get by without using it, then don't use it. If you want to cast your techs faster than a FO who does not use it, then you'll have to equip it. That is all you truly need to know.

For everyone else who cannot simply take the above for granted, the concept is so basic, yet it is so hard for people to understand, so I will try my best given the fact that not every knows (or cares) how it works, and would like to find a median at which the two poles can coexist peacefully. I'll start with a few basic principles that should be well-known, but need to be restated in order to have them working in your memory.

Different weapons, while equipped, have different animations when casting techniques. These animations have different lengths. Barehanded casting is also an animation, and it is separate from the Knuckle animation in terms of frame length (it is shorter than the Knuckle animation. Shorter = Less Time = Faster). It just happens to be that bare hand casting uses the shortest animation of all equipment animations.

Different techniques have different casting speeds, although the animation is the same for each. For example, Resta and Gizonde are very fast, while Gifoie and Gibarta are very slow.

Higher level techniques shorten the frame length of the casting animation, and it is significant with each Tech level that there is a difference between every single Tech Level in terms of casting speed. Meaning, that Lv29 techs will cast slower than Lv30 of the same tech. If someone would like to tell me by exactly how much each tech level speeds up each tech, please do so, because I would like to know, although it does not directly affect my argument.

V801 decreases the casting animation of techniques. Since we know that it make more of an impact on lower-level techniques, it is quite safe to say that it is simply a reduction of the frame length by a percentage. This is to say that it decreases each technique's casting time by the same percentage, but not the same amount. Also, this means that it will always make a difference. However, this also means that it will not decrease the time spent from casting a tech by the same amount as it would for other techs or different levels of the same tech.

Therefore, higher level or faster techniques do not benefit from V801 as much as lower-level or slower techniques would, but all of them do benefit from it. Imagine a tech taking 120 frames to cast (this is a long tech), and V801 reducing it by a percentage, such as 20%, 25%, or some other number most likely between 10 and 50% (unfortunately I have to pick a number since I don't know how much it actually reduces it by, so I'll take a modest example and say 25%). This would speed up the tech by about a whole second, which is quite an improvement (120 frames to only 90 frames). You could cast the same tech five times in the time it would take you to normally cast four! Now, compare that to another tech that takes only 20 frames to cast (significantly faster than the previous tech example), and now it would take only 15. Sadly, this is only a 5-frame improvement, which is not enough for someone like Leona to notice a difference, and is why she does not recommend using V801 after your techs reach lv25. However, you could STILL get five techs cast in the time it would take you to cast four without it, and that is why (through logic) I like to leave a slot open for V801, and smile in knowing how helps me.


Adept TP reduction.
By: Ives
Old thread: ... /268865/1/

4 Adepts stack, however it is 25% reduction in TP cost of your current TP cost. So at base you have 100% TP cost, so you get reduced to 75% TP cost by using one. Then 75% TP cost becomes your new 100%, so using a second means you are actually using 75% of 75% TP cost, meaning your new TP cost is 56.25%. Equipping a third reduces your TP cost to 42.1875%, and a fourth then gives you 31.640625% TP cost. If you equip a Psycho Wand, you would then have your TP cost reduced by another 50%, meaning Techs would then cost 15.8203125% of their normal cost.

Andromeda said:
I read somewhere equipping P Wand plus MG+ cancels out the others effect so you will only get 50% TP reduction instead of 75%
They will all stack if you equip everything. Supposedly you can get your TP cost down to like 1-2 TP per Technique.


Smartlink explained.
By: Magus84
Old thread: ... /274135/1/

The bonus doesn't show up on the screen, but you'll notice it when you try it out.

My guess would be that it's modifying the percentage of your listed ATA score the different types of attacks use (Normal vs Heavy vs Special). But I don't think that's right, as it also boosts the ability of normal attacks to hit.

Additionally, the listed description is wrong. It affects ranged attacks (basically, anything a Satellite Lizard can block), not melee attacks. EDIT: Any normal weapon types that Satellite Lizards can block, not counting ranged specials like those on Orotiagito or Lavis.

That means it includes Handguns, Mechguns, the few Shots equippable by HU/FO, Rifles, Slicers and Cards.

Credit to Zack for the clarification.


The definition of Section ID.
By: BlueNu
Old thread: ... /283218/1/

There are definitely Section IDs that are better than others, and I'm going to try to give justification for how each Section ID excels. Rather than nitpicking to see which Section IDs are better than each other, it is more beneficial to divide them into tiers. First Tier would be considered the best, Second Tier would be next, Third Tier would follow, and the Fourth would be the final Tier. For now, I'm going to describe each Section ID with its Tier per class rating, then I'll give a definitive tier per class summary at the end.

Viridia - Viridia has some very strong drops in some very odd places. Red Sword, Yasha, Guren, and Red Ring all drop for Viridia, and aside from its best drop (Red Ring), these drops are all in very strange places with poor drop rates. Limiter from Girtablulu, Red Sword is from Nano Dragon, Yasha from the stingy Melqueeks, and Guren from Dorphon Eclairs. This might have been the excuse to open up some of the easier drops for staple items, but instead Viridia users are treated to misplaced drops such as God/Power, God/Body, Red Scorpio, and Red Saber- all on Ultimate.
Force = Tier 3, Hunter = Tier 3, Ranger = Tier 3

Greenill - Greenill's staple drops are very good, but unfortunately very hard to obtain. Handgun: Guld tops Greenill's list as the best rare, but is found in perhaps the least played area in the game. From here, the drops really start to thin out. Cannon Rouge is available from the nearly-ficticious Dorphon Eclair, Standstill Shield from Temple Merlans, and Aura Field from Seabed's Deldepths. While most of this looks like good gear, great tradebait, and a good time, the difficulty of these hunts is absurd. All of these drops are more easily and more efficiently obtained through other IDs. One bonus for Greenill is that it does have the Staple Frozen Shooter Hideltorr drop as well as the Ruins Spread Needle drop. The one area that Greenill characters will excel in is Desert, where Zero Divide drops.
Force = Tier 3, Hunter = Tier 3, Ranger = Tier 3

Skyly - Skyly's claim to fame is the ever-cherished Sealed J-Sword drop from Ultimate Gi-Gues. While actually seeing the drop is a long shot, it is still there and it is exclusive which makes it a very tempting hunt. Aside from this drop, Skyly also gets Chain Sawd and Red Sword in caves (Vulmers and Govulmers respectively), Luminous Field in mines from Sinow Blues, Sinow Red's Arms from just where you'd expect them, Red Ring from Falz, Heart of Poumn and Yasha from Temple, and Monkey King Bar from Mericarol. Skyly suffers similarly to Purplenum except that it doesn't bring the goods for Rangers or Forces.
Force = Tier 2, Hunter = Tier 1, Ranger = Tier 2

Bluefull - Bluefull has several very powerful drops in some very easy slots. Heaven's Punisher is its best drop in Ultimate Forest from Hideltorr, thanks to Secret Sightings, this drop is almost farmable. Bluefull also has one of the more obtainable Psycho Wand drops in Ult Delbiters. It also now has the priviledge of being the only ID which can obtain Holy Ray from Sil Dragon, which is a big deal for HUnewearls, HUmars, and FOs in general. Bluefull has good secondary market potential as well as it has the ability to assemble every piece of From the Depths aside from Secret Gear. Bluefull's downfall is the fact that it does not have a Red Ring drop, and that several core equipment choices will be left to either Black Paper's Deal or trading.
Hunters = Tier 3, Rangers = Tier 2, Forces = Tier 1

Purplenum - Purplenum is a Solid ID, with many good finds. Purplenum may be the ID with the easiest Lavis drop and is probably the ID with the easiest Psycho Wand drop. Purplenum's staple drops are Frozen Shooter from Hideltorr, Yasminkov 9000m from both Temple Crimson Assassins and Mines Canunes, and Spread Needle from Merlans in Ruins. Purplenum's downfalls are that it brings nothing to the table for Hunters and most of its allure dissipates when you look over the BPD drop list. This ID is very good for beginners as it has some of the best box rares in the game (L&K14 Combat and M&A60 Vise) which are easily obtained with hit.
Force = Tier 2, Hunter = Tier 3, Ranger = Tier 2

Pinkal - Pinkal's best drop is Luminous Field from Tollaws. That says a ton about this ID, and while I don't need to continue- I will. The major draw to Pinkal was the ability to find the elemental wands for Forces, and while this is a good thing to have, you will farm enough PDs en route to Ultimate to trade for as many of these elemental wands you will ever need. Pinkal's weakness is its lack of being able to obtain anything worthwhile. If your current character's ID is Pink, I'm sorry.

NDW said:
Since this guide was made for Schthack, it wouldn't include information on Episode 4 drops since their drop table and ours are different.

In Episode 4, Pinkal gets Clio from Ultimate Del Rappy, SMARTLINK from Zu, V801 from Ultimate Pazuzu, Earth Wand Brownie from Ultimate Astark, and Mother Garb+ from Ultimate Kondrieu.

Forces = Tier 4, Hunter = Tier 4, Ranger = Tier 4

Redria - Redria's best drop is (arguably) the often misspelled Magic Stone Iritista from Forest Hideltorrs. Redria also has the ability to get Spirit Garments on V.Hard via Gibbles, has a good Lavis Cannon drop in Red Slimes on Ultimate, and gets some of the best equipment in the game with Red Swords from Melqueek, Spread Needles from Dark Bringers, Red Ring from Falz, and Monkey King Bar from Dolmolm. The problem with Redria, and this is more of a nitpick, is that some of the aforementioned good items can be obtained more easily through other IDs.
Force = Tier 2, Hunter = Tier 2, Ranger = Tier 2

Oran - Oran has quite a few good exclusive and semi-exclusive drops. The highlight of Oran's drops is Aura Field from Ultimate Temple's Mil Lillies. This is pretty easy to hunt once you become accustomed to dodging megid all day and you have the proper gear, and is a staple for every class that can use it. Oran's other strong drops are Twin Chakram from Tollaw, easy Syncesta drop from Hideltorr, the best Zero Divide drop in Vol Opt ver2, Prophets of Motav (exclusive) from Dark Bringers, Brightness Circle from Temple Del-Ds, and the best (or second best) Psycho Wand drop from Ultimate Gibbles. Oran's staple drops include V502, Vivienne, and Slicer of Fanatic. If it seems like pretty much every good item in the game is assembled into Oran's description, its because it is.
Force = Tier 1, Hunter = Tier 1, Ranger = Tier 1

Yellowboze - Yellowboze is a solid ID that is low on meaningful exclusives. I suppose the intention was to make up for this by making everything that it found occur more regularly. Almost the complete opposite of Viridia, Yellowboze finds a number of great items such as Spread Needle, Smoking Plate, Zanba, and Luminous Field; and it puts them on more common enemies. Aside from this perk, Yellowboze also has the staple Frozen Shooter, v101, Red Sword, Sinow Red's Arms, Sorcerer's Right Arm, and Bringer's Right Arm. Cannon Rouge and an easy Lavis Cannon drop make up for the lack of exclusives, and the one decent exclusive Yellowboze still has (Galatine) is, well... decent. We've heard some great things about Yellowboze now and as it stands, it would be in a higher tier already, but for some reason- Yellowboze also gets a bonus to how often a weapon will drop with hit %. This is a very exclusive ID feature would cement Yellowboze near the top of the list for IDs if it were to be confirmed on this server.
Force = Tier 1, Hunter = Tier 1, Ranger = Tier 1

Whitill - Whitill is a very good ID with some very good drops. Both Handgun: Milla and Handgun: Guld are obtainable here are tend to be Whitill's claim to fame; however, this ID is not as shallow as that would have you believe. Frozen Shooter, Red Sword, Holy Ray, Sinow Red's Arms, Standstill Shield, and Slicer of Fanatic round out this ID's staple drops pretty thoroughly. Whitill's power drops of Guld and Milla are accompanied by Red Ring, DF Field, Electro Frame, Riko's Glasses, Riko's Earrings, and a Limiter drop from Shambertin. When your drop list is so deep that the worst you can do is a Diska of Braveman (a very good weapon with the right amount of hit), then you know your ID is doing well. Despite the amazing Episode 1&2 (especially Ruins) drops, Whitill does struggle a bit in the Episode 4 drops, where its only useful drops come from enemies that are very difficult to hunt.
Force = Tier 1, Hunter = Tier 1, Ranger = Tier 1

Hunter Tiers:
1 - Skyly, Oran, Yellowboze, Whitill
2 - Redria
3 - Viridia, Greenill, Bluefull, Purplenum
4 - Pinkal

Ranger Tiers:
1 - Oran, Yellowboze, Whitill
2 - Skyly, Bluefull, Purplenum, Redria
3 - Viridia, Greenill
4 - Pinkal

Force Tiers:
1 - Bluefull, Oran, Yellowboze, Whitill
2 - Skyly, Purplenum, Redria
3 - Viridia, Greenill
4 - Pinkal


Magus 84 said:
Most of the time, people compare class stats based on the maximums. Level 200, all mats used, etc.

This ignores the fact that the way the maximums end up is often very different from the way the stats grow from 1-200. Taking it in 50 level chunks is kinda imprecise, but it's at least enough to get an idea of the general trends.

Data is taken from PSOW.


Level   1   HP   TP  ATP  DFP  MST  ATA  EVP

Humar       40   29   45   17   29   68   45
Hunewearl   38   40   40   22   40   63   60
Hucast      44    0   45   18    0   64   35
Hucaseal    44    0   45   18    0   71   35
Ramar       29   20   23   13   20   80   36
Ramarl      29   20   23   18   20   72   36
Racast      33    0   30   18    0   75   31
Racaseal    31    0   25   23    0   77   31
Fomar       29   79   16   10   53   63   35
Fomarl      29   79   16   10   53   63   35
Fonewm      27   90   16    7   60   61   61
Fonewearl   17   87   13   13   58   61   53

Level  50   HP   TP  ATP  DFP  MST  ATA  EVP

Humar      376  248  356   72  199  102  293
Hunewearl  358  297  312  104  248   91  330
Hucast     398    0  363   82    0   94  231
Hucaseal   360    0  340   81    0  109  278
Ramar      301  224  220   53  175  122  226
Ramarl     320  277  226   80  228  115  228
Racast     320    0  243   66    0  113  188
Racaseal   316    0  236  116    0  116  199
Fomar      255  478  209   59  270   87  243
Fomarl     313  514  164   63  294   90  234
Fonewm     294  595  115   49  348   81  280
Fonewearl  242  598  105   58  350   80  285

Level 100   HP   TP  ATP  DFP  MST  ATA  EVP

Humar      696  481  596  180  382  132  403
Hunewearl  658  560  535  200  461  119  415
Hucast     746    0  646  179    0  125  382
Hucaseal   632    0  567  155    0  144  432
Ramar      619  453  420  136  354  165  347
Ramarl     616  530  393  155  431  155  450
Racast     656    0  459  179    0  144  330
Racaseal   641    0  425  212    0  149  355
Fomar      523  883  380  121  490  111  381
Fomarl     603  949  332  151  534  120  359
Fonewm     575 1045  293  138  598  101  399
Fonewearl  552 1123  284  134  650  100  435

Level 150   HP   TP  ATP  DFP  MST  ATA  EVP
Humar     1096  680  777  324  531  157  578
Hunewearl 1016  864  685  362  685  135  546
Hucast    1350    0  896  361    0  144  497
Hucaseal  1030    0  734  262    0  168  606
Ramar     1073  604  638  254  455  200  513
Ramarl     958  754  577  293  605  188  640
Racast    1317    0  659  359    0  174  480
Racaseal  1241    0  605  386    0  177  555
Fomar      848 1333  570  221  740  124  496
Fomarl     965 1324  532  251  734  132  459
Fonewm     938 1495  463  288  848  116  484
Fonewearl  883 1614  459  234  927  119  585
Base 200    HP   TP  ATP  DFP  MST  ATA  EVP

Humar     1420  793  943  422  594  174  682
Hunewearl 1308 1084  835  538  885  147  666
Hucast    1762    0 1146  501    0  159  585
Hucaseal  1380    0  901  399    0  184  777
Ramar     1520  704  806  359  505  230  639
Ramarl    1315  931  743  426  732  216  798
Racast    1964    0  859  505    0  199  626
Racaseal  1890    0  775  562    0  208  713
Fomar     1175 1783  753  321  990  138  551
Fomarl    1273 1699  721  351  934  144  513
Fonewm    1232 1945  613  408 1098  128  531
Fonewearl 1148 2098  483  334 1200  133  735

Max 200     HP   TP  ATP  DFP  MST  ATA  EVP

Humar     1670 1181 1397  579  732  200  756
Hunewearl 1558 1626 1237  589 1177  199  811
Hucast    2012    0 1639  601    0  191  660
Hucaseal  1630    0 1301  525    0  218  877
Ramar     1770 1141 1260  515  665  249  715
Ramarl    1565 1480 1145  577 1031  241  900
Racast    2214    0 1350  606    0  224  699
Racaseal  2140    0 1175  688    0  231  787
Fomar     1425 2558 1002  470 1340  163  651
Fomarl    1523 2474  872  498 1284  170  588
Fonewm    1482 2798  814  463 1500  180  679
Fonewearl 1398 3173  583  390 1750  186  883


Socks said:
Hi all, I'd like to discuss strategies for dealing with Delbiters here, but specifically from the perspective of classes that do not have a consistent way to freeze them, so don't talk about RAs and androids here please. Oh, and whenever I refer to luck here I mean "real" luck, not PSO's LCK stat.

Whenever I do West Tower runs, I struggle a bit on 8F. Out of the first 4 Delbiters, 3 of them you have no practical way to avoid them getting close to you because of their initial spawn position. Sure, you could get out of the way so they run into the entrance and then hide yourself in the heal ring niche and nuke, but that's not what I'm looking for plus it would be very slow.

So, let's talk about the classes who can't freeze 100% - specifically FOs - dealing with Delbiters. In the situation of 8F, you usually have time to cast one tech (probably J or Z) on them using a Glide as they spawn, but then you'll have to move to avoid getting hit by their rush. Not sure if you can cast both techs with super timing and still make it in time to get out of the way. Certainly not on the last one of the initial four as it spawns fairly close.

I've lucked out a few times by hitting a just-spawned Delbiter with 2 Demons hits from a Bringer's Rifle and then launching a single Foie to finish it off (I admit I usually play it on One Person as I usually hunt stuff and don't care if people think I'm a pussy not doing it on Multi). But this involves too much luck. As do other strategies involving freezing him, considering with particularly bad luck you may cast Rabarta 10 times and still not freezing him.

Another factor is his annoying triple laser. From my experience it is completely random, though there seem to be two different situations. I'll come back to that in a moment.

When there's some room to run around a Delbiter, what I'll usually try is to run around him in a circular motion, keeping a slight distance so he can't reach me with a stomping attack. I found if you run around and get to his side, he usually tries to stomp and misses you, so you get an opening - I attack him with a full Vivienne combo which hopefully triggers his roar animation, which is basically a free combo for you. On One Person I can kill him in two combos with Zalure, but in Multimode the damage output of a FOney is simply too low unless you get plenty of critical hits - again the dreaded luck factor. Trying to Demons him with the Bringer's close-up is an option, but unreliable again due to luck.

Sometimes when you circle him, he'll also suddenly do the triple laser attack, usually missing you as you won't be in front of him - another free combo for you.

However in WT 8F it's not easy to circle them as they tend to end up near the wall after their initial rush, so I see myself often getting smacked around quite a bit. The darkness doesn't help either and if you move about a bit too much you may trigger another Delbiter too early for more "fun".
One abusive tactic one might employ is to leave the last Recobox on 7F intact until all other enemies there have been dealt with, then destroy it and tickle the Del Lily that spawns in it place, hoping for the 1 HP cry to trigger mag invincibility which usually gives you enough time to kill two Delbiters in 8F before it wears off. But it's a bit cheap and not the solution I'm looking for. I've had a few flawless 8Fs even without mag invi, but most often I do get hit.


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