Game does not load after "press enter to start game"


Everytime I try to log on and play, after the you click start game and the the game finishes its patches, the game will say that press enter to play. I press enter and the game goes on the the next screen and it stops there. Can anyone help me figure out why this is happening?

Thank You


Staff member
At the title screen, does it say "DLL ERROR" in the lower left? If so, you are probably missing Ephinea.DLL and/or your antivirus has quarantined the file.

In your AV, whitelist the entire Ephinea folder then run online.exe to download a new copy of it.


I have allowed access for the entire Ephinea folder. The "DLL ERROR" is still there. I have noticed that in the new launcher when it tries to update the DLL file it stops at like 93%. Is there a way for me to download the DLL file by itself or another fix maybe?


That of 93% I think its just the way the launcher reports the progress because it happens for me too, however the game opens fine (dll).