Game deleted my weapon? (2 bugs)


On 2/12/16 I was in a team and we were doing Seabeds where in one of the rooms one of the Sinows was stuck in the ceiling. He could hit us, but nobody could hit him. So that was bug number one, but the most messed up thing that happened was I ended up dying, and when I was brought back with a moon the weapon I was using was unequipped. When I tried to quick re-equip it my Phoenix Claw was completely deleted from my inventory! Not sure if any of this can be restored, but I figured I'd bring it to everyone's attention.


Phoenix Claw acts like a Scape Doll and will revive you if you die with it equipped and then gets deleted. This is not a bug.

Some of the rooms in Seabed have areas where you can't hit enemies. Something to do with the walls' hitboxes I think. Would be nice if this could be fixed.


Huh. I never knew that about the Phoenix Claw. Well in that case I guess it bugged out because when I died it never revived me at all. Just got deleted.


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Yeah, pretty sure your claw revived you. The server doesn't have special code to delete a claw from your inventory if you die. The only way it can be deleted is if the client sends the code upon death, same for a Scape Doll, so pretty sure your claw revived you. Moon probably didn't get to you in time or claw is faster.


Were you really revived by a moon?
At least I thought so. I was on the ground for a pretty long time, and my buddy I was playing with claimed to use a moon. I'm assuming it just was being slow to revive and probably didn't take the moon atomizer from his inventory.


Moons are a huge bummer in this game, you can use 10 moon atomizers to revive one person because it doesn't block the use feature when the target is being revived. So technically all other 3 players can use their 10 moons at once to revive one person for a cost of 30 moon atomizers plus maybe one scape doll/phoenix claw for a single revive.