Game crashing when loading Block

Recently I was running a TTF and my game crashed by completely freezing. I proceeded to stop it in task manager, restart it and it then froze when choosing the Block (after the ship). It freezes at the starburst screen with the doooh dooh dooooh music looping but nothing happens. It doesn't matter which ship or block I choose, or character. I've tried restarting my computer, run an antivirus and malware scan, reinstalled PSO:BB and tried loading in with different characters to no avail. I also turned off advanced mode in the graphics settings to check if that was an issue and it is not. There was a log file that was blank, and a dllerror file that was also blank

I'm running Windows 10, AMD Radeon R7 260X and have never had a problem before besides the occasional Direct3D error. Running in windowed mode.