Game crashes when I take a screenshot with PrintScr button


Lady in red
Hello :eek:

I'm having this little issue: every time I press the print button, the game crashes.

It doesn't quit istantly (I can keep playing unless I hit the "Close" button) and it looks like the crash has something to do with ephinea.dll (see embedded screenshot):


I'm on a temp old laptop I had laying around, with Windows XP (because I had to RMA the power supply on my desktop PC, so this will be my main PC for a while ç_ç ), the OS was installed fresh and fully updated with WU, I've an Administrator account (so I can write everywhere, no problems with files or folder permissions), and installed just the game, Firefox, and GPU drivers, nothing else.

Never had this problem before, just on XP.

Thank you very much :D


Staff member
The DLL will place a png in the bmp folder some antivirus software can block access to folders if it believes it to be suspicious. So try adding both psobb.exe and ephinea.dll to your av exceptions. Av such as avg has a separate exceptions for behavior so you may need to look for something like that in your av


Lady in red
Thanks for the tips, but I don't have any antivirus, just the OS, PSOBB and FF, nothing else on that machine :eek: