Friend randomly desync'd, lost mag and armor as a result...

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Dunno why it happened, we played for twelve hours straight yesterday no problem then today he desync'd and it unequipped everything and deleted his weapon and mag from his inventory...

Like I'm used to desyncing doing the unequipping but not the removing from inventory...

My only question is how common is desyncing in the first place, and losing items like this?


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To be honest, I've only ever seen it happen maybe once before. It's very rare to lose anything in a desync, usually you're just disconnected. In fact, you usually don't unequip stuff either during a desync, you just get a warning, block change, and back to where you were before. I'm not sure what happened in your friend's instance.

If it was a common occurrence to lose items or equipment when a desync happened, I'm sure there would be a lot of posts about it and people wouldn't want to play.

That being said (looking at your PM), we don't do item restorations or anything like that when problems occur unless it was something widespread and caused by myself or another admin. In that case, we'd do a server rollback.

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Sorry for his or her loss.
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