Free Mass Effect 2 on Origin (As of 01-06-2017)

Lol EA has to get their platform out there somehow, dunno if that'll make people care even still.
Great game, played alot of it, i don't think origin is an issue with Mass effect 2, it's only the 3rd game that origin forces you to update to the latest version, being the latest version of Mass effect 3 a broken mess with game halting errors and ashley that uses the same ability over and over in cover driving you insane.

At some point in the Mass effect 3 game, They anounced that they allowed modifications as long they only affect single player since they were dealing with players (hosts of the multiplayer matches) that caused everyone to be cheating, weapons had infinite ammo, tons of damage and even gave birth temporarily to a husk only matches, now this wasn't allowed so the idea was to find a way to block these users, what bioware did was to essentially ban anyone who had a modified bin file (was just an encripted ini file), this means even the smallest change to single player (an armor set, a key biding, a new collor for emissives or armors) would cause you to be banned. (players weren't happy btw)
If i remember correctly this prevented banned users to play the game offline or in singleplayer, my question is, can a banned Mass effect 3 player from origin play that Mass effect 2 game by using origin?

I don't really care, i downloaded both games and the dlcs for free, but i did watch the entire thing happen, so i wonder how a fully backstabbed legitimate player would play the game.
The worse part about that client-side modding shit was that they started banning people for changing their key bindings in the multiplayer. The space bar does absolutely fucking everything there (sprint, vault over cover, revive teammates, interact with objectives, dodge roll) and they never gave players the option to change that.

On-topic: I don't see why you wouldn't be allowed to play ME2 if you were banned from ME3.
I tought being banned from Mass effect 3 in origin meant being banned from all Origin games, i'm glad it's not that catastrophic